Tuesday, June 15th, 2004

Revolution Blues

YAAAAY. New Steve Earle album! The Revolution Starts… Now is out August 24. Once again featuring the incomparable Emmylou Harris on guest vocals, details and tracklisting are available from Rolling Stone.

I’ve always preferred the work of the post-prison Fat Steve Earle (Train A-Comin’ through Jerusalem) versus that by the pre-prison Skinny Steve Earle (Guitar Town through The Hard Way), but now he’s gone and lost a whole lot of weight, creating a third iteration – post-prison Skinny Steve Earle. What will that mean for his music? Well, I’ll wager he’s still just as pissed off about the state of the Union as he was on Jerusalem (some song titles – “Rich Man’s War,” “Condi, Condi” and “F the CC”), and Angry Steve Earle is usually a guarantee of a great record. There’s no doubt some out there who would prefer Steve not make the overtly political records and I don’t doubt that he wishes he didn’t have to make them either – but times like these, someone’s gotta do it. And hell – everyone who’s gonna hate him already does, so what’s there to lose?

Time is the latest publication to review A Ghost Is Born and profile Wilco.

Good stuff from Said The Gramophone today – new tracks from the forthcoming Hidden Cameras and Rachel Goswell albums. Rachel Goswell’s Waves Are Universal is out next week, the Hidden Cameras’ Mississauga Goddamn sometime between now and the end of the year. Yeah, I’m useless, I know.

Newsweek took an exclusive visit to the set of Batman Begins and got a pic of Christian Bale in action. The first teaser trailer is in production and they hope to have it attached to Spider-Man 2 on June 30, but failing that, it will make its debut before I, Robot on July 16 or at the very latest, July 30 as the only thing worth seeing if you have some sort of mental moment and decide to go see Catwoman.

Best wishes going out to long-time Blue Jays radio broadcaster Tom Cheek, who is battling a brain tumour. Previous to his father’s death last month, he had gone an amazing 4306 games without missing a broadcast since the franchise’s inception. I’ve spent many hours listening to him calling Jays games, here’s hoping he’ll have many more.

Rasputin’s dick. ‘Nuff said.

Yahoo Mail is going ca-ca today while they upgrade everyone’s accounts (or so they say), so if you write me and I don’t respond for a bit, blame them. Or use my chromewaves account (link on ‘about’ page).

np – Built To Spill / Perfect From Now On

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  1. Five Seventeen says:

    Hidden Cameras comes out in July, I think. Joanne (who’s working at Universal said something to that effect), it’s the same week as a film festival and they announced the release too late to get in some magazines (the once that have jul/aug issues). So soon.

  2. Andrea says:

    An Angry Steve Earle also pretty much guarantees a great tour…

  3. Carla says:

    Hey Frank, I just made you a syndicated feed on livejournal since I have now official defected over to the "dark side". It can be found here: http://…/

  4. Frank says:

    Carla – I already have one! No idea who did it, though. It’s at http://…/ which pretty much means if I ever did want to start a livejournal, I’d have to come up with a different username.

  5. Carla says:

    Damn. It said the username "chromewaves" was already taken but it still let me put your URL through. Weird. You’ve got 12 readers too eh? I think I may have to look into deleted the account I made and just syndicating the already existing one.

  6. Kate says:

    you should come over to the dark side.

    By which I mean gmail.

  7. Bradley says:

    I cannot believe you wrote about Tom Cheek today.

    Check my latest entry, you’ll understand why.

  8. Frank says:

    someone sponsor me to get a gmail account and I’ll consider it. but I’m not unhappy with yahoo mail at all, so I’m fairly indifferent to this whole gmail bizniz.