Friday, June 25th, 2004

Ladies And Gentlemen, It's Time

Merge has announced details on the new American Music Club album, their first in over a decade. Montovani’s Breath will be out October 12 and you can see the tracklist is as follows:

Ladies and Gentlemen (view a live Quicktime video here)

Another Morning (download the mp3 here)

Patriot’s Heart

Love Is

Job To Do

Only Love Can Set You Free

Mantovani The Mind Reader



Minstrel Show

Your Horseshoe Wreath Will Bloom

Song Of The Rat Leaving The Sinking Ship

The Devil Needs You

Okay, that line break is kinda funky but what can you do. There will be touring to support – September in Europe and October in the US and by US I hope they mean US and Canada.

A disc of demos and unreleased material from the album sessions recently found by Mick Jones as well as a 45-minute documentary DVD will be the bonuses accompanying The Clash’s London Calling: The 25th Anniversary Edition, out September 21 as part of Epic’s Legacy series. This is in addition to the typical remaster job, expansive liner notes, fancy packaging and hefty price tag.

Another classic (though more recent) album getting the deluxe makeover is Pavement’s Crooked Rain Crooked Rain, which will be coming out as a double-disc set on October 26, just like the Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe set a couple years ago. No specifics from Matador as of yet, but a release date is a good start.

One of the consequences of Lollapalooza going tits up is that a whole lotta bands have to find new Summer plans. Billboard checks in on some of the bands who had been slated to be part of the festival and what their contingency plans are.

The Onion AV Club interviews Nellie McKay. From Zoilus. Zoilus’ Carl Wilson also wrote this critical piece about her in yesterday’s Globe & Mail, recommending you go see Nina Hagen at Lee’s tonight in lieu of Nellie next Wednesday to satisfy your cabaret diva fix. He relents somewhat on his position on his own website, acknowledging her potential when she gets out of her teens. The National Post’s Aaron Wherry offers colour commentary from his own corner of the Blogosphere. Someone get The Toronto Star’s Ben Rayner to weigh in. It’ll be like a Toronto music critic pow-wow.

A couple of interviews with Stephin Merrittone straight and one snarky.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian bids a fond farewell to Beulah and worries about the inevitable graying of the indie rock nation. From The GPC.

I somehow missed this interview in The Toronto Star yesterday with Iron & Wine. Not that it’s any more out of date 24 hours later.

What do you get when you cross the old Spider-Man newspaper strip with Photoshop? Hilarity, that’s what. Keep hitting refresh, a new strip will load.

For your gawking pleasure – The Onion’s pocket guide to celebrity blogs. From Poptart.

My site is being pokey today. Please bear with me.

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  1. brian says:

    re: the spiderman thing…

    a funny idea done way funnier by fenslerfilms

    http://…/ (one of several…whatch’em all!)

    old g.i. joe psa’s slightly…altered.

  2. Carla says:

    If I didn’t have to be out of town this weekend, I would have checked out Nina Hagen at Vazaleen, as it’s been a while since I’ve attended the event and I have friends who are big Nina fans. Just as well though, as advance tickets for the show were $25.