Monday, June 7th, 2004

Journey Through The Past

Signs of the Apocalypse #5301: Could Neil Young’s Archives finally be coming out? MusicTap has been getting multiple reports that Neil has made a deal with Sanctuary Records to release the gargantuan Archives collection, which has been under construction for nigh on twenty years now, in four installments of 8 CDs and 2 DVDs each. That’s a total of 32 CDs and 8 DVDs, for those of you without calculators handy. That’s right – never one to do things in half measures, Neil will be putting out a box set of box sets. And if that’s not enough Neil, they’ll also be releasing a live CD taken from a 1971 show at Massey Hall in Toronto. Note that none of this is confirmed and as with all things Neil, it can change at the drop of a hat, but any news is good news, I think.

Some sad news – Robert Quine has passed away. No details right now, but his website has confirmed it. Quine was a sideman nonpareil, starting out with Richard Hell and the Voidoids in the late 70s NYC-CBGBs punk scene, and later working with Lou Reed, John Zorn, Tom Waits, Lloyd Cole and Matthew Sweet. It’s Sweet’s records that I know his work best from – the guitar work on Girlfriend, Altered Beast and 100% Fun is phenomenal (it’s mostly Quine and Richard Lloyd). Condolences to friends and family, RIP. Update: The webmaster at Richard Hell’s website has posted the following message: “It was suicide. He never recovered from his wife’s sudden, completely unexpected death ten months ago. I don’t know much more except that it’s going to mess up many many people’s minds. There was no one like him.” So sad.

As we inch closer towards the June 22 release of A Ghost Is Born, you know the Wilco press clippings are going to increase exponentially, and like any proper devoted fanboy blogger, I’ll be presenting the ones I find and deem worthwhile, like this Chicago Sun-Times piece by Jim DeRogatis or this one from the Chicago Tribune by Greg Kot (free registration required).

Shortwavemedia interviews Camera Obscura on the eve of their first North American tour. Or really, about twenty eves before the start of their first North American tour. they play the Horseshoe in Toronto July 23.

Pitchfork has complete details on the Low box set, A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief, out on July 20. Most of this info has been previously reported, but here’s the 411 all in one place. They also mention the band is working with Dave Fridmann on their new album.

Retrocrush presents an interesting twist on the best-of list: 50 Coolest Song Parts. It’s nice every once in a while to see a list that’s not trying to be ironic or post-modern, but is just excited to be talking about good music. From Burned By The Sun.

Coolfer has compiled a best of 2004 list, thus far at least. I had thought about doing something similar for the end of June at the midway point of 2004, but the truth is is that of the 2004 releases that I’ve acquired to this point, there’s not really any that have blown me away. There’s some that will certainly grow on me as I listen to them more and could well earn its way onto the year-end list, but to assign them that status at this point is premature. The second half of the year has some key releases scheduled though, so I’m not saying 2004 is a bust yet, not at all. It just hasn’t been particularly spectacular… though I will investigate some of the stuff on Coolfer’s list.

I’ve finished watching season two of The Office and think I actually enjoyed it more than season one, heresy as that might seem. Partly because it took me a few episodes to get into the rhythm of season one whereas for the second series I was right in there from the get go, but also because while it might be less all-out funny, it has a more compelling storyline running through it. While season one focused on establishing the characters and their dynamic, season two actually takes it and runs with it. David Brent shows himself to be less the bumbling idiot and more the nasty, deluded little man while the Tim-Dawn plotline is executed quite realistically (maybe a little too much so?). I particularly liked the ambiguity of the final episode. Now I guess I’ll can either go dig up the Christmas special online or wait for it to come out DVD as season three.

12,000 participants in yesterday’s Ride For Heart, over $1.55 million raised. Not a bad day’s work, and you know what? Today my legs don’t even hurt!

Found this in my referer log – someone got to my blog by searching for “milky sexy nude naked girls photos”. Sorry dude, you want my other website.

np – Buffalo Tom / Big Red Letter Day

PS – Buffalo Tom are writing a new album for release in 2005! Yay for the early 90s Beantown-rock revival!

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  1. RSL says:

    oh i can one-up that referer. i have two incoming links from… http://…/ go figger! [note: it’s REALLY tame/lame site. no nudity]

  2. Frank says:

    I just like the use of the adjective, "milky".

  3. sam says:

    the office, season two: wow. thanks for the positive comments on this one! i finished season one the other week and got season two but i’m waiting a bit before jumping into it. of course i’d read season two was a bit of a downer but your comments about it being more realistic than all-out funny definitely help calm my fears :) btw, the show started getting a bit more serious in season one when tim started thinking about leaving and his desire for dawn grew exponentially; it started being heartbreaking and kinda mean (tim’s birthday party at the bar). and i loved that. glad to know that continues into season two. thanks.

  4. Five Seventeen says:

    THe Office, Season 2: Overall I liked it better. I did miss the sidebars from characters other than David Brent, but the deleted scenes more than made up for it.

  5. Been there says:

    Muscles hurt on the *second* day.

  6. Maximus says:

    Am loving season 2 of The Office right now. The motivational seminar episode (#4) was painfully hilarious.

    Did you know Ricky Gervais used to be a <a href="http://…/ Wave pop musician</a>?

  7. Maximus says:

    That should read:

    <a href="http://…/ Wave pop musician</a>.

  8. Maximus says:

    OK, your comment form doesn’t like HTML.

    Just click on my name for the link.

  9. Maximus says:

    TAKE 4:

    Your comment form doesn’t like long URLs in the "E-mail/HTTP" field either!

    Paste this sucker into your browser to see Ricky Gervais with a New Romantic haircut circa 1983:


  10. Maximus says:

    I give up. Blogwhoring is hard work.

  11. Frank says:

    Hi – sorry but my blog does hate HTML in the comments, nothing I can do about that.

    The links in your first post worked, btw. Ricky looks so trim!

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