Saturday, June 5th, 2004

Grow Up And Blow Away

Interesting find in the used CD bins yesterday – a solo album from Emily Haines of Metric. Titled Cut In Half And Also Double, it’s a collection of demo-quality songs recorded in the early- and mid-nineties, released seven years ago. I had not heard of the existance of this record in any press or discussions about the band (The only evidence I can find of it on the internet is this review from eye in 1997), so I had to listen to it before buying to make sure it was the same Emily. The blurry photo on the cover wasn’t much help, but a quick listen to a couple tracks confirmed her identity. The songwriting is rougher and less poppy and is very much the sound of a young artist trying to find her voice, but the characteristics that would come to the fore years later in Metric are definitely detectable. It’s almost a shame I’ve decided to keep it – I bet I could get some coin for it on eBay.

Also cool was finding a copy of Rachel Goswell’s The Sleep Shelter EP. It’s so pretty I want to cry. Okay, I don’t really want to cry, but it sounds gorgeous and is surprisingly pop – moreso than the last Mojave 3 album, even. Not that that record was especially pop. But if this is just a sample of what Waves Are Universal (out June 22) will sound like, we may have a sleeper contender for one of my favorite albums of the year.

Possibly my favourite local band, The Sadies will have a new album out August 10 entitled Favourite Colours. For some reason, the idea of those two words spelled Canadian-style on something that’s going to be on sale in the States makes me happy.

Feist explains to Chart why sad songs say so much.

According to Billboard, Fountains Of Wayne are looking at releasing a b-sides/rarities collection by the end of the year. Speaking as someone who has a slew of their b-sides in mp3 form, I can vouch for the fact that a lot of them are top-notch quality – often better than tracks from the album to which they were excised.

Stephen Malkmus is contemplating what kind of album to make next. Hey Stephen – how about a good one for a change? Okay, that was a cheap shot. I didn’t mind either Stephen Malkmus or Pig Lib, but neither set my world on fire either. Look for the fruits of his indecision next January, if not sooner.

Rainer Maria and Engine Down are in town to rock you sensitively July 29, venue TBA.

Another show looking for a home is Br. Danielson of the Danielson Familie. If a venue isn’t found, he’ll be roaming the streets of Toronto aimlessly on August 21.

Wanna plan waaaaay into the future? Old 97’s are coming to town September 12 at the Opera House. Don’t wanna wait that long to get a live taste? A Live at the Troubadour DVD is going to be released soon, though maybe not before the show. But maybe it will! The new album, Drag It Up, is out July 27.

Looking even further ahead, The Magnolia Electric Co. (née Songs: Ohia) will be in town October 2. I’m amazed acts book this far in advance. Hasn’t anyone seen The Day After Tomorrow? The world could, like, END. If not tomorrow, then the DAY AFTER tomorrow.

Meet Tontie, your new favorite online time-waster. It’s like a cross between Whack-A-Mole and Super Mario Bros and addictive like nicotine-laced crack.

Tonight is the release party for Shameless magazine down at the 360 ($5 at the door including a copy of the magazine) – I know a few of the people involved with putting this project together and have been very impressed with the dedication and hard work they’ve put into getting to this point. Congratulations to them all.

It’ll be a late post tomorrow – the Ride For Heart starts way early in the morning and will keep me on the road until early afternoon at least. Thanks tremendously to everyone who has generously pledged their money to sponsor me (as well as prove the blog as a viable fundraising device!). I promise I won’t wimp out halfway through the course and take the loser bus of shame back to the finish line.

np – Rachel Goswell / The Sleep Shelter EP

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  1. Keener says:

    Hi Frank, long-time reader, first time commenter … are serious about Magnolia Electric Co. coming to Toronto? You mean I will see Jason Molina without having to stalk him through the States or Europe? Since your source is Ned and the fact that you’ve been right on just about everything else I’ll start making my plans around the show. The world can now end promptly on October 3rd.

    I really can’t contain my girlish glee at this point.

  2. Frank says:

    My source is Ned? I don’t really know what that means. The date is on the official website, though, so I assume it’s good. Ironically, I may not be able to make that show. Long story, will maybe get into it later.

  3. Keener says:

    From my knowledge is a fan page, brought to the masses by Ned of The official site of all things Molina seems to be Secretly Canadian’s http://…/ (sorry I don’t know how to link the way the "cool kids" do)

    In either case, functions better than the label’s site and has been pretty accurate thus far.

    And no I was making up a new phrase, but maybe it should be one. I hope everything works out, you’re being highly mysterious at this point.

    If it turns out that you can’t go and there’s a tour-only releases on sale I can pick one up for you, if you like. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m planning my life around this show … ’tis sad.

  4. ned says:

    the dates i have on the website are from the people that book the magnolia electric co. http://…/ … so i’m pretty sure they’re good. but it is still four months away.

    and "the day after tomorrow" was the funniest movie i’ve seen in the theater since showgirls…