Monday, June 21st, 2004

Doot Doot Plot

The Hidden Cameras are playing a show at Trinty-St. Paul’s on July 23rd to celebrate the release of Mississauga Goddam on July 12. Tickets $10 at the door. Of course, this is the same night I was planning to see Camera Obscura at the Horseshoe… Two photographically-named bands on the same night – what are the odds? The Toronto indie-kid contingent has some hard decisions to make that night. Hard decisions indeed. Hidden Camera shows are always a blast, but Camera Obscura have come such a long way from Scotland and I already have my ticket… I figure I’ll still go to that and hope the Hidden Cameras play more local shows through the summer. Or at least one more.

Blah blah blah Wilco blah blah blah New York Times article blah blah blah… Look, I can’t help it that people keep writing about them and I have to keep linking them. It’s a compulsive disorder. Help me. Oh, and some may have noticed that was offering a bonus track for those who pre-ordered A Ghost Is Born before it’s official release tomorrow – if you’re curious, it’s a studio version of “Kicking Television”, which was a staple on the last few tours. I have a copy and honestly, it’s a throwaway. Live, it was a punkish treat amongst the slower numbers in the set but the recorded version is pretty lifeless. Download it if you like – I’m sure it’s available everywhere by now – but if you don’t find a copy don’t lose any sleep over it.

And if you ever wanted to learn to make cookies the Tweedy family way… now you can.

Fans of Wonderfalls may want to kick up their Bit Torrent clients – screener versions of unaired episodes 5 and 8 have made their way onto the internet and you can find the seeds on Suprnova. Save Wonderfalls also has good news for those waiting for a DVD release – series writer Tim Minear recently posted the following on a message board: “Looks as though 20th is going to go through with Wonderfalls DVDs. The folks on the DVD marketing side love the 13 episodes and see great potential. We’re talking about extras and commentary and all that good stuff. December/Holiday release was mentioned. I’ll keep you updated.” YAY.

Watched Stephen Frears’ The Grifters last night, after having the DVD-R sit on my shelf for at least a couple months. Interesting film – a story about con artists where there’s not actually any con. Nice performances by Anjelica Huston, Annette Bening and a very young John Cusack.

Made lasagna last night for the first time ever. Pretty fucking good if I do say so myself.

np – Royal City / Little Heart’s Ease

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  1. Five Seventeen says:

    Go see Camera Obscura, that’s what I plan on doing. Hidden Cameras will likely play again.

  2. Carla says:

    Goddamn. Choices choices. HC better play again within a reasonable time period.

  3. brew says:

    2 things- first, I’ve been enjoying the cover songs… I’ve put a link on my own blog to them (not that I have any readers to drive your way)…

    Second- when you call the 1990 John Cusack "very young" you’re killing me! How about 1982’s Sixteen Candles? He’s a veritable infant in that one…

  4. Frank says:

    When I say ‘very young’ I meant that it was sort of his first serious, adult role, the likes of which he’s played a lot of ever since. So for Serious John Cusack, he looks young.

  5. graig says:

    Re WOnderfalls:

    dvd news:


  6. simon hb says:

    You know, I really hate to be a pedant… okay, I don’t, I live for pedantry; I’m trying to find a uniform I could wear and a little book to hand out tickets… but a Camera Obscura has nothing to do with photography… you don’t get any sort of photograph out of them, it’s just a projection

    they’re one of the undervalued joys of optical science – they’ve got a really nice one in Bradford…

  7. Frank says:


    Okay, how about "what are the odds of two optical imaging equipment/devices-related bands playing in town the same night?" Not as catchy.