Wednesday, May 12th, 2004

The Crane Takes Flight

There is simply no rest in this man. Ted Leo and his Pharmacists are coming back to Toronto June 21 to rock our collective casbahs, just three months after his last time through. For some, this sort of market saturation might be a bad idea, but there’s simply no such thing as too much Ted. Tickets are $10 in advance at the usual outlets. His last show was awesome so if you missed it, don’t do it again. I think I’ll be going again in hopes that they’ve restocked their merch trunk. I want one of those Pharmacists t-shirts!

Sarah Harmer follows up her fancy theatre show with a grungy bar show June 10 at Lee’s Palace as part of NXNE. Fembots and Ox support. The next night will see NYC’s Ambulance LTD at Lee’s in another NXNE showcase. Note – I believe this is the NYC Ambulance… I reserve the right to be totally wrong on this one. Will confirm when I can. Update: The Sarah Harmer show is $20 at the door. Presumably a NXNE wristband will get you in as well, or at least some people.

Hayden must have really enjoyed playing the Winter Garden Theatre last month with Sarah Harmer, because he’s going back to headline his own show there June 12. Won’t be cheap, though – tickets are $32.50 before service charges.

John Vanderslice will be touring with Pedro The Lion this summer. That tour brings them to the Horseshoe June 24, tickets $11.

Maritime, the new band featuring Eric Axelson (ex-Dismemberment Plan), Davey von Bohlen and Dan Didier (ex-Promise Ring), will make it’s T.O. debut June 9 at the ‘Shoe.

Some ticket info – Magnetic Fields tickets go on sale at Rotate, Soundscapes and Ticketmaster this Saturday, May 15 at 10:00 AM and will run you $25 plus service charges. Camera Obscura tickets for July 23 are $10.50 at Rotate, Soundscapes and the Horseshoe. They should be available very shortly if not already.

Rolling Stone has an interview with Jeff Tweedy where he speaks frankly about A Ghost Is Born, his mental health and his time in rehab.

Five years after their last proper album, Macha are finally releasing a follow-up to See It Another Way, Forget Tomorrow is out early August.

NME has the beans on the new Belle & Sebastian single and has no compunctions about spilling them. Books is out June 21.

Kurt Vonnegut does not have great hopes for the fate of humanity.

Last night, this was the top story on the Globe & Mail website – today, it’s nowhere to be found. Was it a slow news day… or were they told to suppress it? Hmm? HMM???

24: Two more hours to go! Silly Tony, don’t you know by now that Jack has his name in the credits before you for a reason? He’s simply more cleverer than you. A touching moment between Kim and Chase before he goes back into action. I hope they both get head lice. I wonder who was in charge of deploying the CTU team at the bridge? “Don’t worry, Tony, they’ll be invisible. See these guys? They’ll be hiding behind these tires. And those guys are not only going to be on the other side of that wall, but they’ll be crouching. Yeah. Totally invisible. And we’re not going to bother putting anyone in that exitway over there because he’d have to jump at least five feet to make it down that, and not even Saunders is crazy enough to try a stunt like that. We’ve got all the bases covered”. Sheesh. But I totally dug the F-18s. Doesn’t matter how clever the villain is, or how intricate the game of cat-and-mouse between him and the hero is – when you can call in an air strike, it’s over.

Thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. You will all be spared when I unleash my army of robotic hamsters on the world and take my rightful place as master and despot of the entire human race. Yessir, got big plans for 29. Big plans indeed.

np – Macha / Macha Loved Bedhead

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  1. ian says:

    The UFO story is still there, you just need to know where to look:


    It’s on Google’s news search as well:


  2. Frank says:


  3. Jason says:

    happy belated birthday! I hit 29 this November and plan on (ok, hope to live) living out my 20s in style.

  4. mishie says:

    saw the u.f.o. story on the telly this morning while i was getting ready for work…hmm..

    i am so totally stoked for this year’s nxne, i had a great time in previous years.

    i hope ambulance ltd does make their debut, i can’t stop spinning the e.p. (haven’t picked up the full length yet). it totally gets me in the mood for summer…and this lovely weather in toronto is awesome.

  5. Graig says:

    Magnetic Fields tickets are on sale NOW!!! at Rotate This.

  6. becky baran says:

    the price of the hayden show is insane.

    happy fucking birthday frank!

  7. five Seventeen says:

    Hey Frank,

    Happy Birthday!

    It’s Claire’s birthday here (It’s the 13th, I don’t think it is there yet). One drink will be for you!

  8. RSL says:

    the macha record is actually out on the 25th of may! hooray! i can’t wait! it’s kinda funny, but you and i blogged the same macha news [and even now playing, kinda] though you hadn’t visited my site that day. lol

    oh yeah. i’ve moved my blog. AGAIN!