Thursday, May 6th, 2004

Flashes And Cables

Just bit and pieces, odds and sods, heffalumps and woozles today.

What do you get when you cross Johnny Cash, “Desperado” and monkeys on horseback? Link from my brother, originally from The Big Smoker.

Splendid talks to Calexico about Convict Pool, politics and blaming it on the bossa nova.

The artwork for Rachel Goswell’s Waves Are Universal.

The Global Pop Conspiracy has some fun with band/artist names that didn’t stick.

Popmatters finds out what it’s like to be a member of The Sleepy Jackson whose name isn’t Luke Steele. Besides zero job security, that is.

The GBV Story. From LHB.

Support for the Franz Ferdinand show at the Kool Haus (no longer the Phoenix, take note) June 14 has been announced. Glasgow folksters Sons & Daughters will be odd ducks sandwiched between Franz Ferdinand and local death-disco outfit (would someone PLEASE explain to me what the hell that means) Controller.Controller. Should be interesting.

FF tourmates (though not for Toronto) and also a current buzzband The Fiery Furnaces will do their thing at the Mod Club June 19.

Also at the Mod Club – Feist, June 12. Let It Die is out May 18.

Pedro The Lion are at the Horseshoe June 24. Before anyone unfamiliar with the band gets too excited, you should know that they’re neither named Pedro NOR are they lions. None of them. Not even one. Tickets $11.

It’s funny – I watch 24 a day late, and it’s like an entire season could have already elapsed… Tony, Tony Tony… you are in a pickle, aren’t you? I think he could have quite easily let CTU in on the going-ons and tried to turn it on Saunders without him being any the wiser, but that wouldn’t have been as interesting, would it? Nor would it have been as interesting if CTU had managed to piece together that Tony was the turncoat before it was too late. For people who are supposed to be outwitting terrorists, they’re really not very bright. Not thrilled that they’re coming back to the election and that nonsense – whichever way that goes, there’s no way that they can do anything interesting with that in the next three hours. Palmer isn’t going to drop out of the election by 1pm, no one’s even going to care. Waste of time and a lame excuse to bring Sherry back. Now if they brought Nina back – that’d be interesting. And it’s a pity Tony couldn’t have filled Tech One with cyanide gas after locking Chloe in. That too would have been interesting.

np – Guided By Voices / Alien Lanes

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  1. Carla says:

    I’m sort of a controller.controller fan (in the sense that I enjoy them more live than on record), so maybe I can explain. Their music is bass-heavy, and fast-paced. One can imagine it serving as a soundtrack to a post-apolcalyptic B-movie, much like a really cheap Mad Max rip-off. I believe that’s where the death part comes in. It’s very danceable too, hence the disco element of it.

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