Monday, May 31st, 2004

Computer Age

It may have taken 20-odd years, but the first in-depth RPG for the Atari 2600 video game console will be coming out this June, and it will star none other than Homestar Runner. It will be comparable in size and function to early RPGs like Ultima and be released as an actual 2600 cartridge. For those without the foresight to hang onto their old Atari decks (me, I never had one. My introduction to the world of console video games was a Haminex, an Intellivision clone) it will also be available as a ROM so as to be playable through your favorite emulator. There is a demo ROM available to try out at the developer’s website here. Some screencaps here.

Oh, and if anyone missed the Homestar puppet jamming with They Might Be Giants, go to the Homestar homepage and wait till the button in the top-right rotates to ‘Puppet Jam’, then click.

Like many, I have been really anxious to see Garden State when it comes out this Summer. And now that this new trailer actually gives me some idea of what the film is about, I want to see it even more. It opens July 30.

The blogosphere is quiet today. A little too quiet. What, one long weekend and everyone just vanishes? We had our May long weekend last week and I was still here, dutifully posting. Cause I’m hardcore. And I had nothing else to do. But that’s okay, I don’t need anyone else. I can come up with interesting topics to write about without their help.

So I bought a stick of medium cheddar cheese a couple days ago, and I’m thinking I should have spent the extra $0.70 and gone with the old cheddar. I like the extra zip. Ah, hindsight.

np – The Wedding Present / Singles 1995-1997

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  1. RSL says:

    is that a canadian distinction, between medium and old [and, i presume, new?] cheddar? here in the usa, i see sharp and mild and medium. though extra sharp is the only choice, if you ask me.

  2. Gary Campbell says:

    Frank… you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrell if you’re talking about cheese on your blog.

    And what, no hat tip for turning you on to the Homestarr Runner story? :P

  3. Frank says:

    bottom of the barrel… yeah, the CRACKER BARREL! (that’s a brand of cheese up here, in case you were wondering. And yeah, we have ‘old’ instead of ‘sharp’)

    Sorry, Gary should get total props for telling me about the Homestar video game.

  4. shaunna. says:

    yu should talk abut cheese more often.

  5. Ieinz says:

    I like cheese.

  6. Frank says:

    I still have some havarti slices the fate of which vexes me. I suppose I could just eat the slices straight, but that seems like a bit of a waste. This recipe sounds good (http://…/) but the rating and cooking time info seems a little suspect.

  7. RSL says:

    oh, i think the cracker barrel brand might be the same here. i don’t buy name brand cheese. store brand or bust! lol