Tuesday, May 4th, 2004

All My Little Words

More Magnetic Fields press – this time Salon takes on Stephin Merritt. Yeah, you need a free day pass but it’s worth it. i is out today. From Neil Gaiman, who also offers some thoughts on the new album and tries to reconcile the Stephin Merritt he knows with the one who seems to show up for all these interviews. And 517 has graciously posted some live mp3s from a Magnetic Fields show in Toronto circa 1998. They’re on my server, of course, so it’s my bandwidth that he’s using up, so really, I’m the one who’s graciously providing them. Anyway. Click here. Now to segue into some news from the band’s old label…

Holy shit with the Merge Records signings. Slatch reports that Montreal art-poppers The Arcade Fire have signed to the legendary North Carolina label (and they will be playing in Toronto at either the ‘Shoe or Lee’s on June 23 – the same day we tenatively have a show scheduled, natch), they’re putting out Lou Barlow’s next couple releases – an EP this Fall and an album next year, and to top it all off, they’ll be putting out American Music Club’s You Better Watch What You Say in October. About five months later than promised, but hopefully with the promotion it deserves and the pockets to fund a proper tour.

Also from Slatch – Bubba Ho-Tep on DVD May 25! Bonus features a-plenty. Hallelujah.

Even before the playoffs started, I was telling everyone – “Look out for Calgary, they’re the real dark horse this year”. But did anyone listen? Noooooo. Bully for Detroit, the Flames are in the conference finals. Go Flames.

Of course, I also predicted an Original 6, Detroit-Toronto final, so I obviously don’t know what I’m talking about.

We once again bid farewell to The Rub – Paul has given up his own blog, but won’t be departing the blogosphere at large entirely. He’ll be doing duty as a writer for both Donewaiting and 75 Or Less.

np – American Music Club / Everclear

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  1. Paul says:

    I’ll still be filling your comments section with rubbish from time to time as well, Frank. Wheeeeeeee!

  2. Jeremy Brendan says:


    I interviewed the Arcade Fire in February. Check it out @


    Win & Regine talk about keeping music and politics separate, their views on decriminalization of cannabis, and what MP3s will mean to musicians down the line.


    -Jeremy Brendan

    "my life as a reptile"