Wednesday, April 7th, 2004

Feel The Pain

Okay, that wasn’t so bad I guess. The dentist was nothing if not efficient – three wisdom teeth in under 30 minutes. I didn’t get a general anaesthetic, just novocaine and some nitrous oxide to take the edge off. I remained pretty damn lucid through the whole thing, with the drilling and the grinding and the yanking, but yeah – relaxed. That laughing gas is pretty good stuff. I remember coaxing my contact lenses out of the dixe cups of saline solution they were floating in (forgot to bring a case), going “here, fishie fishie fishie”. The bleeding is pretty much done now and it’s just swelling and a general ache, like I got punched in the face a couple times. Pain is perfectly manageable right now but half my face is still (!) numb and swollen, so I’m not assuming I’m getting away with anything just yet. At least I can feel my tongue again. I haven’t eaten in nearly 24 hours. Funny how some things can take away your appetite.

Oh yeah, this is what they’ve prescribed me – Toradol. I don’t think it’s that legendary Tylenol 3 or codeine that I’ve heard so much about. A little disappointed there.

Pitchfork interviews The Shins. Isn’t it interesting how non-smartass and just… nicer? Pitchfork is when they’re acually talking to their subject rather than reviewing a record or writing up a news story?

As much as I’ve lost interest in Radiohead on the whole, I’ve still put their Japanese b-sides collection on my shopping list. They’re pushing it as follows: “To coincide with their tour of Japan in April, Radiohead have agreed to release a limited quantity of a special Hail to the Thief-related CD of B-sides entitled COM LAG. This B-sides compilation CD also contains a “live” audio version of “2+2=5 and is enhanced with a “live” video clip of “2+2=5”. This is a “Japan only” CD release that EMI Music Canada is importing in a ONE-TIME ORDER for Canadian Radiohead fans”. Damn the completist in me. Old habits die hard. I guess that means I can sell off the Hail To The Thief singles I own.

Paul Atkinson, guitarist for 60s British invasion group The Zombies, has died. (Name corrected).

Tim Story, director of Barbershop, has apparently been confirmed as director of the Fantastic Four movie. Some are assuming from his resume that this will be a comedy… Er. They’re also reporting casting rumours of Michael Chilkis (The Shield) as Ben Grimm/The Thing and Tim Robbins as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic. Which would make for an uncomfortable age difference if Jessica Simpson is cast as Sue Richards/The Invisible Woman. I don’t understand that last rumour, though – isn’t Jessica Simpson the sort of girl you want seen and not heard, not the other way around?

I’ve finally figured it out – this season’s 24 is actually Die Hard 3. Think about it. The bad guy turns out to be linked to the plot/villain of the first season (Jeremy Irons/Alan Rickman) and has a personal vendetta against our hero. He exacts that revenge by putting him (and the President) on a wild goose chase of sorts around the city by putting innocents at risk, etc etc. Granted, Jack’s no John McClane with the smart quips, but the parallels are there. Which means, of course, that the finale is going to take place in Candada somewhere… Final showdown in Victoria! But while the link between Jack and Saunders was a little disappointing to me as being kinda predictable, the twist with Palmer being ordered to kill Chapelle was a nice one. This week’s episode didn’t turn things up a whole notch, but did offer a good, steady climb.

np – Laura Cantrell / When The Roses Bloom Again

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  1. RSL says:

    codiene is the drug of choice. if i were gonna be addicted to pain meds… that would be the one. plus, the band is great too.

  2. Paul says:

    Before you drop some cash on that Radiohead import, read the Pitchfork review. Apparently, it’s got a glitch in one track and the label shows no interest in fixing it.

  3. Five Seventeen says:

    24 – I don’t know hat it is about this season, but I think Season 2 will be the last one I feel like owning (unless I find Season 3 used, of course). I just find that for the past few weeks I’m caring less and less about the characters.


    Gael dying off was something that didn’t strike me as particularily sad, nor Michelle’s possible death (which it should shouldn’t it??)

    And where they should be playing up a few of the relationships (Kim, whatshisname, and Chloe; President Palmer, Sherri; etc). It’s like they realized midway through the season that nothing they were setting up was working so they just dropped it all.

    Season 4 better be Jack trying to deal with two completely seperate terrorist attacks at the same time, or else I’m going to continue doing what I did most of the show last night:

    Downloaded Nellie McKay live tracks http://…/

  4. Joe says:

    I know you’re a bit wonky right now, but I just wanted to point out that the name of the guy from The Zombies was Paul, not John. Paul Atkinson.

    I read your blog every day.

    Good luck with your mouth. I never got my wisdom teeth yanked.


  5. sam says:

    what? you’re getting the com pag ep?? wtf? you got ’em all already on the uk singles. and no true completist would sell off their singles :)

    btw, you’re obviously a member of mymusic :) i also saw the news about the ep yesterday and freaked. before i looked up the tracklisting and sobered up, that is.

  6. Frank says:

    I don’t have any of the singles, except "There There" I think. And I’m not a completist in any sense of the word anymore, at least not where Radiohead is concerned. Did you never read my "It’s not me it’s you" breakup post with Radiohead?


    I’m actually even reconsidering the Com Lag release, if there is indeed burn errors on the thing. I almost guarantee I won’t listen to it much, and real estate is a real issue where my CD collection is concerned these days.

  7. sam says:

    i thought you had the Hail singles. and yeah, at ease wrote about the glitch last week. i think it’s during the four tet remix too.

    get the uk singles from http://…/ instead.

    they’re fast and cheap (usually).

  8. Pete says:

    Well Gael didn’t look like he had staying power to the show, but it was bad to see him go the way he did.

    The show was good, but I will agree not enough to make a huge jump like the last one did, but that’s ok, it was still a step up showing that there is real good movement brewing and a sign of big things to come, which leaves me wanting more finally. I think the writers are starting to figure it out, simple is better and that is what the 1st season was, but with intensity.

  9. James says:

    When Tony was talking to Kim mid-way through the episode, you could see he had a huge pot belly.

    The whole press conference/’sky is falling’ thing was totally neat and definitely unexpected. Probably the first exciting presidential press conference that ’24’ has ever shown us.

  10. James says:

    Oh, and the whole bit about ‘Legionnaires Disease’ was completely believable.

  11. Jeff says:

    Anyone have any clue how much the Neko shows at the Matador are going to cost?

  12. David C. says:

    COM LAG: Radiohead. Yes, there is a glitch on track 7 "Skttrbrain (Four TET remix)". Happens 4 times with "krrr" sound coming out of the left channel. It’s not on the whole production run as I have also bought a "copy" in Bangkok and there is no glitch. EMI won’t do anything?? Anyhow, in a few years it might be worth something!!?? especially with a glitch. #maybe"