Wednesday, March 24th, 2004

Everyday I Write The Book

Elvis Costello has gotten a deal to write a couple books in 2005. The first will be a “series of intimate narrative chapters taking their cue from the styles, themes and characters found in a number of Costello’s lyrics,” and the second is “work of comic philosophy” entitled “How to Play the Guitar, Sing Loudly and Impress Girls … or Boys.” If only I’d had the latter on my bedstand when I was growing up. My experience has been that great songwriters do not necessarily make great authors – more often, they make authors whose work reads like their songs but without the ripping guitar solos, which tends to be kinda ‘bleh’. But – if anyone is going to be the exception to the rule, ol’ Declan is as good a candidate as anyone. Unless they turn out to be romance novels devoted to Diana Krall. No one needs that. Either way, at least I know what I’m getting Five Seventeen, the world’s #1 Elvis Costello fan, for his next couple birthdays!

More CBC love – Just Concerts is a massive, ginormous archive of complete concerts in both audio and video formats. I can’t even begin to get into who they’ve got on tap, but if you’ve never been you absolutely owe it to yourself to go digging through the vaults.

The website for Grand Theft Parsons is up and they’ve got a trailer. It actually looks alright. From Burned By The Sun.

Flak considers Preston School Of Industry’s Monsoon in the context of other sidemen gone solo. I can’t tell if they’re taking a dig at Tanya Donelly or not, but if they are… oh, boy is someone gonna pay. PSOI are at the ‘Shoe next Thursday. From LHB.

Lists, lists, everywhere a list. Stylus has compiled their Top 200 records of all time but excluded the first 100 as being too predictable. A neat idea, it makes for a much more interesting read. Kinda reminds me when I ran a hockey pool and to mix things up a bit, eliminated the top, like, 20 scorers from the year before from eligibility, leaving only the lesser lights of the NHL to duke it out. Nothing like spending a season pulling for the guy on the second penalty-kill unit and hoping he doesn’t get sent down to the minors, let me tell you. Go Paul Ranheim!

And speaking of hockey, the Leafs disgust me. They really do.

Tonight will be our first proper show in seven months or so. These seasonal layoffs between gigs have simply got to stop.

np – Galaxie 500 / This Is Our Music

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  1. sam says:


    you’d actually thought up the idea of eliminating the top scorers from your pool? that’s brilliant. and it takes some kind of guts :)

    are the leafs still sucking?

    let them come down a few notches so the habs can catch up :)

  2. Gary Campbell says:

    The "Just Concerts" is just another example of our tax dollars being used for a good cause… too bad that everything’s in Real Audio format though… is there a way to download RA streams and convert to MP3..?

  3. Frank says:

    If there was a Real Audio stream I was really jonesing for, I’d set up the audio input on my computer to ‘what you hear’, fire up Adobe Audition and just record it as it played in real time, hoping to god that there wouldn’t be any buffering issues mid-song or any instant message/emails, as the notification noises would also be recorded.

    Maybe someone else has a less unwieldy solution?

  4. Ryan Waddell says:

    I love it that the Leafs could finish as low as *7th* in the conference right now. Leads to a little more excitement! :)

  5. sam says:

    the conference has been really tight. it’s fun seeing the standings can change overnight, and they will right up until the last game of the season. no one knows who they’re gonna play against right now and we’ve got just over a week left in the regular season.

    * plus, it’s cool to finally have the habs not having to fight for a playoff spot anymore.

  6. Frank says:

    I wouldn’t care so much about the position in the standings if the Leafs weren’t playing like they couldn’t beat a Junior-A team right now. This sort of lackadaisacal play is what pissed me off enormously at the end of last season, and I was to embaressed to even watch them get ousted in the first round. They bring in all this high-priced, experienced talent and no one seems to give a rat’s ass. Fucknuts.

  7. mishie says:

    i’m also quite the costello nut, so i will definitely be checking out his books when they arrive. i love lists. thanks for the link!

  8. Brandon says:

    How to Capture an Audio Stream http://…/

    Hope this helps.