Wednesday, February 4th, 2004

Here Comes Your Man

Random thought… when the Pixies reunite, will they be fronted by Frank Black or Black Francis? Only Charles Thompson knows for sure. Maybe the title of the next Frank Black album (a double record, no less) due out in April offers a clue… Frank Black Francis. What is known is the North American reunion tour will happen in advance of Coachella – which means April. Which means that specifics should be made available sooner rather than later. Which means you should start getting excited or disgusted, depending on how you view reunions, shortly. Me, I’m excited. But I’m an excitable person.

Steve Earle’s Just An American Boy documentary is out on DVD next Tuesday. I’ll get it either way, but I hope the performances are different from those on the companion live double-album.

There will be a new Idlewild record this Spring with Dave Eringa, who produced their last two albums, behind the board.

Ben Kweller and Death Cab are teaming up for a massive US tour from March through May, but with no Canadian dates. Obviously, these artists did not feel Canuck love their last times through and are deliberately slighting us. And for this, I blame each and every one of you. Hang your heads in shame. Kweller’s new record (say the five times fast!) is out April 6 and entitled On My Way. But not to Canada! Also, The Bens EP, featuring Kweller, piano man Ben Folds and Clare Danes cast-off Ben Lee, is now available domestically.

This week’s installment of the 24 peanut gallery – Okay, this is more like it. Gunplay! Double-crosses! And best of all, we now have a Euro-trash villain! Every good action flick needs a good Euro-trash villain. Mexican drug lords just don’t have the same cachet. And I’ve figured out what’s wrong with every other storyline this season. The writers have made the horribly incorrect assumption that we care about the characters. Newsflash – we don’t. We don’t care about Palmer’s presidency. We don’t care about Chloe’s black market baby syndicate . We don’t care about Sherry trying to get back in David’s good books or her fear of geriatric motorists. All we care about is Jack kicking ass, chewing gum and shooting smack. More of that, less of everything else. Thank you. Spoilers finis.

np – Mogwai / Happy Songs For Happy People

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  1. kyle says:

    I thought Kweller was staying away because I gave him a little TOO much Canuck love last time he was here.

  2. jen says:

    Dude, Claire Danes and Ben Lee are *so* over; she stole Mary Louise Parker’s boy, Billy Crudup, while Mary was pregnant with his child!

    Why does my mind retain this crap?!

  3. Frank says:

    you know, I knew that. I just couldn’t find anything online to verify it. Thanks. Post has been updated to reflect current celebrity gossip.

  4. janelle says:

    my guess – and hope for you – is that DCfC will do a seperate canadian tour (right? they’re nice guys, they have to…). you could always drive to the detroit show… or just take your spring break in april when they’re playing 3 shows in nyc.

  5. Paul says:

    Mary Louise Parker is free?! Hot damn.

  6. information leafblower says:

    Dave Eringa ruined the last Idlewild record. The tunes were there but the guitar sounds were HORRIBLE.

  7. Five Seventeen says:

    24 – I noticed that Jon Cassar http://…/ directed last nights episode which Joel Surnow wrote. Why does it seem that everytime they do an episode together things get back on track (mostly).

    They worked together on Nikita http://…/ too, which I never saw. Was it any good?

  8. nick says:

    am i the only one sensing a potential chloe/amador link?

  9. jess says:

    a massive death cab tour that doesn’t include LA. tragic for me, smart for them.

  10. Frank says:

    Janelle – DCFC were here last Fall with Nada Surf and The Long Winters, so I don’t really fault them for not coming back so soon. Getting across the border is a hassle for bands.

    Paul – Dibs on Mary Louise Parker! Mine!

    ILB – The Remote Part was overproduced and overslick, yes, but 100 Broken Windows sounded great, and same producer. We’ll have to see which way the new one goes.

    Nick – Obviously the baby is Amidor’s. Unless it is also a bomb. Or the real virus. I don’t think I can accept *another* mole in CTU, especially one as dorky as Chloe.

  11. kyle says:

    The baby is the mole.

  12. Five Seventeen says:

    the baby will be eaten by moles.

  13. janelle says:

    jess: i read today DCfC were added to the coachella lineup, you luck-out.

    frank: yeah, but still, it seems strange they are completely bypassing canada this time around. then again, i remember reading the tour diary and how much trouble it was for them to cross the border despite their preparations.

  14. Pete says:

    Well finally the show got better, Chloe is up to something…The writters are just looking ror reasons to keep Nina alive when Jack could’ve easily killed her by now since th deal has now gone south…keep the pressure on.

  15. James says:

    I’m guessing the baby belongs to either Jack or Chase or maybe even Gael from when they were ‘undercover’ with the Salazars for the first time. Can’t be Tony’s since he’s seen it already and he’s married to Michelle. Oh, MAYBE THAT’S WHY THEY KEEP FIGHTING.