Saturday, January 17th, 2004

I'll Replace You With Machines

Is this Marvin from the forthcoming Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy film? Maybe.

Guitar Player talks to Ryan Adams about making Rock N Roll.

Yo La Tengo played The Onion’s Holiday party last December, and in a brilliant example of art imitating satire, re-enacted the classic “37 Record Store Clerks Feared Dead In Yo La Tengo Concert Disaster” story. Full band report and photos here. From Donewaiting.

In related news, part of the ceiling at the Bloor Cinema collapsed last night during a screening of The Corporation. No one was injured. And to think – I had been planning to maybe go to that, if the birthday party I was at hadn’t run long.

np – Ted Leo & The Pharmacists / Tell Balgeary, Balgaury Is Dead

By : Frank Yang at 1:54 pm
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  1. Eva says:

    Eek. I was also thinking of going to that screening. What is it with collapsing movie theatres lately?

  2. Paul says:

    Kate was there, and lived to tell me about it.

  3. Ryan Waddell says:

    I don’t like that Marvin. I always thought of Marvin as being normal-people-sized, and him as a little-person-sized android would totally screw me up. But who knows – they could totally do a great job with it and completely sway me.

  4. Frank says:

    I remember the BBC television series, and low-budget though it was, its visuals still left an indelible impression on my mind when I read the books. Which is why to me, Marvin always looked like this: