Friday, January 9th, 2004

Cold Snap




The Smoking Gun brings you the LA coroner’s report on Elliott Smith’s death.

Yay to Death Cab for releasing a new single for “The New Year”. Boo to Death Cab for b-siding it with a previously released track from You Can Play These Songs With Chords and a Photo Album demo. Giving completists something of value just too much trouble for you, is it?

I picked up the first season of The West Wing on DVD last night, so I can spend the weekend hibernating in my little hobbit-hole with my favorite fictional White House. Double-sided DVDs always confuse me – I never put it in right side up the first time.

Luckier than the average bear.

np – Portastatic / Autumn Was A Lark

By : Frank Yang at 9:42 am
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  1. Paul says:

    That first photo in the bear story is fucking scary! Poor bear.

  2. Paul says:

    Congrats on getting namedropped by Bob Mould, Frank. (http://…/)

  3. Frank says:

    ah, you had me all excited for a moment, but that’s the OTHER chromewaves he’s talking about. dot-org. but I didn’t know Mould had a blog, I best be bookmarking that.

  4. Paul says:

    Oh, sorry. I just saw the link there, but never clicked through.

    I’d forgotten you have an interweb doppelganger.

  5. Frank says:

    In fairness, I think he was around first.

    But I’m much cooler :)