Tuesday, January 6th, 2004

Blue Sky On Mars

Does anyone know if the colour images from the Mars Spirit rover are online anywhere? Or do I just need to keep checking back here?

The Matthew Sweet Japan-only album I was all agog over a few months ago, Kimi Ga Suki, is finally getting a North American domestic release on January 20. This is the album that reunites Sweet with the Girlfriend-era band, and it’s some of his best work in years. This is good news for those who don’t want to shell out $40-$50 for the import. Also good news is that his new album Living Things is scheduled for a May/June release.

File this one under “finally” as well – one of my favorite movies ever, The Commitments, is getting the deluxe double DVD treatment this year. I was really disappointed when it finally came out on DVD last year but was a lame fullscreen, no bonus goodies version. The deluxe set has commentary from director Alan Parker, a making-of documentary, a look back at the band today, videos, songs, etc. Good show. Look for it March 16.

Low are assembling a box set of rarities of b-sides which “will contain 3 cds full of stuff and a dvd with the videos and marc gartman’s documentary, plus a 32 page booklet”. As of December 19th of last year, the band was hoping for a summer release but Insound already has A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief: B-Sides And Rarities scheduled for a March 2 release. While sooner is better than later, I will believe the Mormons on this one. They are also recording a new full-length album for Fall release.

Calexico’s still-untitled follow up to Feast Of Wire will be out April 6th.

Ray Davies of The Kinks was shot while chasing down a purse-snatcher in New Orleans on Sunday night. It wasn’t serious, and he was treated and released from hospital.

Neil Gaiman brings us up to speed on the status of his lawsuit against Todd McFarlane. Complete with 39-minute mpg of court proceedings!

I re-watched David O Russell’s Three Kings last night, and besides being reminded what a brilliant movie it is, I was struck by how frighteningly current it still is, despite being set over a decade ago.

Bush In 30 Seconds – the finalists. Watch some of these. The shaking sensation you’re feeling throughout your body? Yeah, that’s rage. Or maybe despair.

np – The Delgados / Hate

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  1. janelle says:

    my favorite scene is the 2-second shot of ice cube as a northwest airlines baggage handler… i think about it every time i’m in detroit at the airport (most recently, last night)

  2. Five Seventeen says:


    Have you seen the commentary on the DVDs? David Russell’s are extremely insightful. Great Stuff.

  3. Five Seventeen says:

    "This Bag"

  4. Frank says:

    "This Bag"?

    I didn’t watch the commentary – I was up late watching the film as I’m returning it to its owner tonight. but I think this is a movie I’d like to own. Gads, I’m becoming one of those people who owns movies!

  5. Five Seventeen says:

    Sigh… EXTRAS Frank, DVDs are aLL about extras…

    "Frank, was one of the finest freakin’ soldiers I evar served with." http://…/

    Remember to look for the EXTRAS!!

  6. sam says:

    three kings is as current as it was 10 years ago because history is repeating itself :)

    an eye-opening movie.

    did you watch the "documentary" russell did for the dvd? i loved it.

  7. Jason says:

    Mars Rover: they just released the second picture today where you can see the air bags blocking it’s departure from it’s loft.

    Here’s the url: