Wednesday, December 17th, 2003

Speed Trials

So hopefully my cable modem adventures are at an end. The repair guy came by again – different one this time – and I don’t think I understood a word he said. The whole time, it was a non-stop stream of techno-babble, modem types, filter connections, mips, blips, gurps… I had no idea what was going on. What I do know is when he left, I had a new modem, 20 more cable channels and a RIDICULOUSLY fast internet connection. I’m talking 2700 kbps download. Whoooooa. I’ll be sticking with Rogers, I think.

24Gotta say, last night was a disappinting episode that doesn’t really bode well for the rest of the season. I don’t find the fact that the President got dumped by his girlfriend a very compelling storyline. Nor is the explanation for why Jack needed to re-infiltrate Salazar’s orgainzation terribly interesting. In fact, everything has taken a turn for the conventional, banal even. I’ve seen all this before in countless spy movies. Blah. I think it’s time to cue the space aliens. End spoilers.

Apparently they had some trouble keeping the computer-generated soldiers in Return Of The King from running away from certain virtual death.

Pitchfork has started their 3-day look back at the way we were in 2003. Lists, lists, lists.

Another quiz! You know you’re indie, let’s subcategorize (from Melody Nelson):

You’re an Indie Pop Kid. You like songs about
relationships and the prettiness of nature.
You’re sentimental, but not certainly not emo.
Oh, and if you aren’t an English Major, you
should be.

Hmm, well that’s emasculating. At least I get a picture of Isobel Campbell as consolation.

np – Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band / The Mountain

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  1. information leafblower says:

    they have some 24 spoilers for next ep. up at aint it cool news.

  2. Five Seventeen says:

    your indie-pop list appears broken. fiddlesticks.

    24 — Strange, I actually forgot ALL about last nights episode. Completely forgetable and tiresome. Honestly the impending biological threat and containment of it was far more interesting. Hell, even Kim’s run-ins with cougars was more interesting. I think what is lacking from this episode is the feeling that it effects the "everyday person." Season 1 it was Jack’s family, and in Season 2 it was the Warner family. That stupid kid running around was at least tense at times (in the mall, etc), I think they are missing the whole "If those people knew what Jack/Nina/Tony,etc. were up to they’d pull their damn car over, or let them use the payphone!!

    I sent Frank a lovely picture of Chloe but he refuses to post it. I’m determined to force his hand!

  3. sam says:

    24 – are you fucking kidding me???

    i loved last night’s episode!

    of course the palmer storyline has been the weak spot so far, but damn if i didn’t enjoy this episode!

    starting with the spelling-it-out video at the beginning which just turned everything on its, and ending with the let’s-shoot-chase-in-the-head finale.

    dude, this was a good episode.

    and jack even had a thing with hector’s girlfriend! come on. go jack!

  4. Frank says:

    Weird, try this link:


  5. Paul says:

    A picture of Isobel Campbell is only adding insult to injury as far as I’m concerned.

  6. Five Seventeen says:

    Well, the link worked… I suppose there was a problem somewhere…

    Okay, there were a few good moments like Chase being shot in the head. Part of me was right there with Jack.

  7. Pete says:

    The last ep was quite predictable, and for once I can actually say was nothing ground breaking, I was dissapointed to know that this is the ep that they will leave us hanging with until the new year which is kinda sad. Last year this time Jack was with Nina in a plane, they were shot at and were going down which left us with something to hang onto over the break. Here the fact that Chase has infiltrated has pissed me off and if I were Jack I would not have hesitated to kill him. The president angle this year is majorly weak, and could use some major work. I am just wondering who the mystery guest is for the buyers of the virus when they return, this is something I can’t wait to see. Oh well we keep trucking along, the time goes by quickly and I don’t notice it.