Friday, December 19th, 2003

Rhythm King

I spent last night in the rehearsal space with Brad and Clay recording drums. Sitting there listening to drums and drums only for two hours is interesting… but I think we got some good stuff down. A fairly low-tech, TapeOp-approved setup, but I think it was sounding pretty good. I doubt I’ll get around to laying any of my parts down till the new year at least.

Torontonians may notice that the Rotate This website has gotten a shiny new makeover. Very nice, took long enough.

Pitchfork’s top 50 albums of 2003. Grist for the mill. I have a big fat seven of their picks.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. George W Bush needs to visit a grassy knoll somewhere. A transcript of his interview with Diane Sawyer from this week. My eye starts twitching just reading it.

The company Christmas party goes off tonight, and hopefully this year I’ll be able to pass on the mantle of official company party punch line onto someone else. The open bar didn’t quite agree with my system last year and I was nodding off through dinner. Nothing horribly embaressing, but enough to earn me a year of ribbing.

np – Luna / The Days Of Our Nights

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Brad and i got out of there around 12:30, after the roland started to behave funny.

    8.5 hours of just drums. beat that.

  2. tim says:

    just because i’m curious, what’s the set up? mics? what are you guys recording on? tapeop questions, i know, but…

  3. Frank says:

    Let’s see. We had an Audio Technica kick drum mic on the kick (not sure what model), a Sennheiser 421 on each tom, a Shure SM57 on the snare top and a couple of AT lipstick condensers for overheads. this was going into a Roland VS-1880. Boss DR-550mk2 for the click. The futzing came when we had more mics than XLR inputs on the recorder – we ended up running one of the 421s into the XLR input of a busted Yamaha cassette 8-track and running a cable from the headphone output into one of the available 1/4-inch inputs on the Roland. Basically, it was the biggest, heaviest and most ridiculous mic adapter ever. Let this be a lesson, kids – always have enough proper mic cables and/or adapters handy. And only one set of headphones (Sony MDR-7506s) so there was no monitoring of what was actually being recorded. Fun fun.

  4. tim says:

    nice. is that what you guys recording the american summer ep on?

  5. Frank says:

    no that was… fuck, I don’t know. I don’t think we rented any mics, so it was probably just a combination of 57s, an Apex condenser and Realistic PZMs on the drums, and the instruments were all either 57 on amps or direct. We’re trying to make the record a little better sounding, hence the investment in rented gear.

  6. Mike says:

    Where can we hear said EP?

  7. Five Seventeen says:

    http://…/ has the EP and there are a few other things here http://…/