Wednesday, November 19th, 2003

The Moviegoer

24 this week – Don’t think I didn’t notice that everyone made a point of stating where Tony had been shot. “Tony’s been shot in the neck!” “Michelle, we were so sorry to hear that Tony was shot in the neck.” “Tony will need surgery for that gunshot to his neck.” Etc. Again – another strong episode, especially the last 10 minutes. Whoo. At first, I was thinking, “Wow, that Chase is a loose cannon. He plays by his own rules”. But then, I was all, “Wow, that Jack is a looser cannon. He MORE plays by his own rules.” Or something like that.

Here’s a handy list for my next jaunt to Queen Video – The Guardian’s top 40 directors in the world today. We’ll ignore the fact that I abhor their number one pick, David Lynch. Instead, rejoice that their long MIA number 37, David O Russell, finally has a new film ready for release next year – I Heart Huckabees stars Jude Law and Naomi Watts (I heart Naomi Watts), and is about “A husband-and-wife team play detective, but not in the traditional sense. Instead, the happy duo helps others solve their existential issues, the kind that keep you up at night, wondering what it all means.” I’m laughing already.

Also from The Guardian60 notable Brits and Americans take the opportunity to welcome George W Bush to Great Britain.

After making his name with cult fantasy/horror films like The Evil Dead, The Evil Dead II and Darkman, Sam Raimi was probably thinking that people weren’t taking him seriously as a director and that he was becoming typecast as a b-movie auteur. So he went out and made A Simple Plan – a masterfully executed suspense about two brothers who find a bag containing millions of dollars in a crashed plane, and the calamaties that ensue when they decide to keep it. I watched it last night and it was really good. Lots of others thought so too – it got terrific reviews and Raimi got accolades as a serious director. And then, flush with his new standing as a maker of serious films, he went out and made Spider-Man.

Some new release tidbits from two of my favorite bands – first from the Luna camp – bassist Britta Philips told the mailing list that they’ll be entering the studio next month, expect to be done by end of January and that they’d like to have a new album ready for April. These projections are probably far to premature to hang a hat on, but it’s nice to have a ballpark to look forward to.

Also, Billboard reports that Wilco is back in the studio with producer Jim O’Rourke working on their new album, tenatively titled W*lco Happens. They expect to be done recording by late Spring, which probably means an Autumn release date.

Let the lists begin! Amazon has listed their 100 best albums of 2003. I refuse to make my lists before the middle of December, giving me time to a) absorb everything that qualifies and b) pick up whatever releases might prove worthy. For the record, I own 23 of Amazon’s 100 – I usually score about 30% on major year-end lists, so I guess I’m a little less hip than I was. Alas.

np – Steve Earle / Train A Comin’

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  1. Pete says:

    Heh yes I will agree with you that all they mention was "Tony was shot in the neck", they couldn’t just say he was shot, I mean it sounded so silly, but overall another solid episode, it’s getting crazier now.

  2. sam says:

    was tony shot in the neck? i missed that the first 40 times they said it. lol

    i did find that horribly odd.

    it was like they were talking to a kid. lol

    but i liked the episode.

    they’re getting good. and it’s not too surreal (for now). we can hope :)

    and they haven’t made kim head of ctu *just yet* so that’s good news :)

    loved (loved) the prison break.

    hey, anyone else watching this on global and getting frustrated by them getting their last commercial in during the final 2 minutes of the show each week??

    i’m gonna write them and i encourage you to do the same. one of the fun things about 24 is the last two minutes and how it all unravels. now we have to see it cut in half by breakfast cereal.

    email them.

  3. five seventeen says:

    What? No comment on "This will be your last assignment, Jack." "I understand, Mr President"?

  4. Frank says:

    I was just commenting on how annoying that forced commercial break is. I believe I will be writing Global to express my displeasure. It will be a sternly worded letter, believe you me.

    Of course this will be Jack’s last assignment. He’s a loose cannon, he plays by his own rules. And anyway, they’re running out of awful things they can do to the guy.

  5. five seventeen says:

    I’m unlikely to do it, but if you posted a form e-mail w/ a link I’d do it. The commercial break w/o the "beep, beep, beep," really sucks.

  6. graig says:

    oh god, it’s "Best Of" list time already… sheesh.

    Looking at the Amazon list I have, wow 5% of it.

    I see all the common suspects, all the hyped albums, etc, but even if I had the money to spend I probably would only have another 5 from the list.

    And you heart Naomi Watts but you hate David Lynch… must make Mulholland Drive tear you up inside eh?

  7. sam says:

    <i>What? No comment on "This will be your last assignment, Jack."</i>

    of course!!!! i forgot about that one (i’m telling you, this was a good episode). i actually gasped when jack said, "i understand mr. president" and drove away.

    they’re uppnig the ante. big time. without making it too surreal like s1 and s2.

  8. derek says:

    <a href="http://…/ too abhor David Lynch</a>. What a bitch. He just makes movies to make people go "???". I swear he relishes the feeling that he can render the simplest story bewildering.

    Also, A Simple Plan did kick ass, and I heart Jude Law (as an actor, not a lover).

  9. sam says:

    hey, about that global cut at the end of each episodes. check this out… http://…/


  10. Frank says:

    Bravo, Sam. I didn’t email them, but I meant to. Thanks for letting me be lazy.

  11. sam says:

    hey, no problem.

    i was stunned by the news myself.

    dunno if i was the only one but now we can enjoy the beauty of 24 the way it was meant to be :)