Wednesday, November 26th, 2003

Durst Hit In The Face At Show

There’s no way I could come up with a better headline than this. Story here.

24 – You know, I was sure that when Jack and Salazar took those security guys’ uniforms, they were going to go rescue Princess Leia from cell block AA-24, maybe with Chase and Warden Whatshisname offering comical guidance across the commlinks. Alas, they stumbled out of Star Wars and into The Deer Hunter. That was pretty intense. So now I’m very curious where things will go from here – assuming the bioterror thread is nullified, are we going to be treated to 19 hours of chasing down Jack? Maybe they’ll hide out in a haunted house or Disneyland. The plot thicks.

And oh yeah, Kim is still hella stupid.

Final tally on the Pitchfork Nineties Nostalgia countdown? 44 of 100 in my collection – that’s actually one more than from the original list. Interesting. More interesting is the jump of Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea from number 85 to number 4. Now that’s a re-evaluation! Maybe they took note of Magnet naming it the best album of the last ten years. Or maybe they just realized it’s a brilliant piece of work.

A little bird has told me that New Jersey’s new favorite sons The Wrens are tenatively scheduled to play the Horseshoe on February 6th. The same weekend I was supposed to be in Seattle. Note the use of the past tense – I am doing everything in my power to be back by Friday night. How’s that for devotion? Pretty good, I think.

Finding Nemo – best animated film about fish in a LONG time. What fun, what fun.

Another story from The Onion that’s just too true. But someone correct me if I’m wrong – didn’t they run this story, or one really similar to it – a couple years ago? I think the picture was different (the girl I remember in the article was cuter, IMO), but the headline and article were the same. I remember discussing the article with a guy at school. Surely The Onion isn’t out of ideas? That’s like a pillar of society crumbling, right there. Flee, flee for the hills.

Neat home science projects for your edification. If only we had the internet when I was in grade school and had to do science fair projects. If only.

It would seem I’m coming down with my third cold of the season. That’s right, THE THIRD. I swear to god, I used to have an immune system. May as well put me in a plastic bubble now and be done with it.

np – Luna / Romantica

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  1. kyle says:

    The Onion has definitely done a similar (if not identical) story in the past. The picture even looks familiar (maybe your taste in women has changed?).

    My immune system seems to have taken a hit this year too. Maybe the hospitals were too busy with SARS this year to stop the spread of the dreaded cold.

  2. Five Seventeen says:

    A little story.

    This morning a couple of high school kids were on the bus talking far too loud and taking away any hopes I had of understanding Canto XV in Inferno (I quote Brad Pitt in Seven when I say, "Dante, Fucking Dante!"), when I overhear…

    "24 – that show sucks. The first season was good but…"

    "Yeah! And they had her [Kim] cut her hair, and it looks SO BAD!"

    I’m not impressed so far with the season. There’s minimal tension, the show is FILLED with unlikeable or indifferent characters. They had a Bio-threat and they couldn’t make it tense?

    So far the only character who’s holding any interest for me is Chloe, and I think it’s just because I don’t understand her vest. What kind of government agent wears a vest?? And has she ever turned her head to the side? I think she’s a robot.

  3. Frank says:

    Courtesy of Kyle, the original Onion story from two years ago:


  4. sam says:

    deer hunter!!!!!!!!!

    thanks, frank. that was bothering me to no end last night.

    i liked that scene.

    and i like how jack is now furrowing deeper into the dark. in previous seasons, we would’ve had him come out alive and unharmed by the next episode. but they’re pushing him harder this year.

    and something i realized – right now it’s actually not about the 900,000 people who might died from the bio threat, it was about jack’s life. simple as that.

    the season’s not perfect but i like the new, more personal direction it’s taking.

  5. Five Seventeen says:

    Bah, Jack’s Life.

    I’m going to keep watching it, because I have faith in the writers, but the show is supposed to be about their lives AND terrorism AND politics.

    I think my real problem with the show has been the story arcs. The prison riot lasts one hour and whereas last season almost every episode had you wondering what was going to happen to these people, this season we get left with. "Oh no! President Palmer might not get re-elected! Oh, no! Jack might lose his job and have to go into rehab! Oh, no! Kim may lose focus and cry some more!"

    The only interesting storyline, about Tony, wasn’t even touched.

    However, that last commercial seems to have disappeared.

  6. Frank says:

    Five, you’re so negative. don’t you see that Jack is a metaphor for EVERYONE. don’t we all have bad days? Don’t we all get caught in prison riots sometimes, or cut the heads off of suspects on others? We should care about Jack’s life because, there but for the grace of god, go we. Us. er.

    Anyway, as I said, there’s still 19 hours to go – how long were they supposed to drag out the prison riot? Personally, I was impressed with how quickly the inmates managed to get fires started. The one story arc I don’t really cotton to right now is the Palmer one. Besides giving Jack permission to do whatever, what’s the point? Are we really supposed to care how this debate turns out? I think they’re just trying to keep Dennis Haysbert in the show. Unless the Republican dude turns out to be Kang or Kodos, I can’t see how that plot will tie into anything. Even that ‘scandal’ brewing with Palmer’s girlfriend – there’s nowhere they can take that in a single day, really.

    Ah well, at least Kim is still an idiot. It’s funny to hear her spout techno-speak at CTU. "Aw look, she thinks she’s people".

  7. Five Seventeen says:

    Thank you Frank, I just wanted to inject some cynicism. Sadly, Kim is looking pretty good compared to the rest of the cast.

    SPOILER: next week Chloe will take off her vest and undo her top button revealing that she is… a WOMAN!!! She will also turn her head to both sides to look around. Kim will program Michelle’s speed-dial.

  8. graig says:

    The Onion has a tendency of having the equivelant of "the clip show" from time to time with "best of" articles slightly rejigged.

    A few months back they reprinted one of my favorite stories about sending "the special special forces" into iraq (complete with pictures of a Downs Syndrome kid in army fatigues and a digitally altered "Short Plane"), but the original one was printed during the Afghani raid of 2001…

    I’m currently running 22/100 on the Pitchfork list. At various times in my life I’ve had up to 40/100.

    I picked up In The Aeroplane Over the Sea back in 2000 and it was one of the most powerful, freshest albums I’d ever heard (even 5 years after the fact). It made a huge impression on me, and an even larger one on at least 4 other friends. It’s definitely nice to see it get the recognition, even if it’s on some suspect hipster holier-than-thou list.

    and unfortunately, now that Durst performed the final two songs of his set with blood gushing out of his face his stupid fankids are going to think he’s hard. it’s going to give him an undeserved rep. this is bad… the only thing that will make it better is if it’s revealed that he bladed himself like pro-wrestlers do (Durst’s music, by the way, just as fake)

  9. sam says:

    btw, the last commercial break global was putting in is never coming back. i wrote about that last week. i complained to them about it and received a nice email the enxt day telling me they were stopping that :)

    if jack gets caught he’s not only going into rehab. as of right now he’s likely to get his ass, and palmer’s, kicked big time if their plan if found out. i hope they keep their promise about this being his last assigment if he gets caught. not that i don’t like jack but i got tired of every character being bailed out of their harrowing troubles after only 15 minutes.

    granted, though, last night’s episode wasn’t the best one.

    i really wanna have faith in the writers, though.

    oh, i loved the cut where we’re at the palmer speech and suddenly a bottles thrown at him, only you realize it’s only a tv and we’re in the riot :) i loved that.

    thank you, jon cassar.

  10. sam says:

    hey, i was just thinking about this – now that ctu has kyle, the bio threat is gone for now; but they traded jack for it (unknowingly; thanks, jack). now they’ll have to get jack back. the salazars do have some more of that virus lying around, i’m sure. but with kyle gone, now what? you think they’ll inject jack with the virus? i think so. and hopefully saving jack won’t be as easy as making an antidote by the 23rd episode, though.

    they have a plan. they never know what’s gonna happen in the middle section, they’ve said that before, but they have a master plan for this.

    bad news, though – by the looks of last night’s episode, we’re entering into the middle section :)