Friday, October 10th, 2003

These Days

If you hadn’t noticed, there’s been a real dearth of interesting (to me) music news lately, which greatly affects the amount of topics I have to write about. All the new releases and concerts for ’03 have been announced and no one’s really talking about ’04 yet. So, where does that leave us? Say it with me… potpourri! Alright.

Tonight is the Joy Division/New Order tribute night at Sneaky Dee’s. I think we’re in good enough shape to not embaress ourselves or enrage the faithful, though I only worked out my parts this morning while riding my bike to work. It should be fun, Clay gets to do double duty playing drums with us and then bass with Mellonova later on in the evening. Toronto-ites are encouraged to come on out – doors at 9, show at 10, we’re on around 11, cover is $6.

Check it out – ninja teddy bears. It takes a dog’s age to load but worth the wait.

Emogame 2!!!

The Album Cover Challenge is like the rotating album cover images I had on older versions of Chromewaves. The artist and album info has been photoshopped out and it’s up to you to identify them. I scored 38 of 60. Link from Traveler’s Diagram.

I dropped my discman yesterday and it broke. Well, the player still works but the latch is busted. I’ve rectified it with some electrical tape… not elegant, but it works. Bah.

np – Velvet Crush / Teenage Symphonies To God

By : Frank Yang at 10:43 am
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  1. Anonymous says:

    That Emogame is just about the funniest thing. Too funny…

  2. Zhan says:

    Frank, I knew you looked familiar. To think we went to UW together for three whole years! You did a good job up there tonight. I’d love to hear your original material. Let me know when you play next, I’ll see if I can make it.

    BTW, are you a U2 fan? If so, check out http://…/