Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003

Pick It Up And Dial It

Something curious happening with my phone line. The previous tenant has moved his phone number to his new address, and my line isn’t due to be installed until tomorrow. However, I plugged my phone into the jack on a lark and voila – dialtone. I can make outgoing calls, take incoming calls (I called a friend with call display to find out what the number was)… and I have no idea who this number belongs to. Bell doesn’t know – the previous tenant was with another local phone provider. So yes, we can get all the requisite “call porn lines!” jokes out of the way now. Hell, I just took a phone survey on this mystery line…

Jessica Simpson as the Invisible Girl in a Fantastic Four movie? Um, okay.

Wheat’s long-awaited, oft-delayed Per Second Per Second Every Second has been – wait for it – delayed again. The October 7 release date is now an October 28 release date. Sigh. I don’t think the album really exists.

Velocette Records has some mp3s from the new Beulah album for your approval. Yoko! September 9! Linkie from Catty Birdy Seatie.

Time Magazine – yes, Time – declares Spoon your “new favorite band” and a title for the new album – Captured To Be Cooked is revealed. Expect it in Spring 04. Link from Traveler’s Diagram.

Universal Music has announced they are lowering their wholesale and list prices on CDs in response to music downloading. That’s great guys, glad to hear it. Now how about concentrating on putting out music that DOESN’T SUCK?

np – Beulah / The Coast Is Never Clear

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  2. Sean says:

    Hey, if she’s invisible it doesn’t matter who it is!

    And maybe it will be even worse than the buried Corman version that ryan linked to.