Thursday, July 17th, 2003

Warn A Brother

Luna have redone their website. It’s about time, IMO.

The new Spoon video for “Jonathan Fisk” is up here. Their EP for The Way We Get By isn’t getting a North American release, but will be available from 12xu when it’s released on September 1. With six unreleased tracks and three videos, it may end up being worth ordering from the UK. Dilly-o from Stereogum and Catbirdseat.

There are rumours of the Doves b-sides comp, Lost Sides, finally getting a commercial release. Some online shops in the UK have September 29 listed as a street date (including a limited edition 2-disc set), but there’s no official word yet what this release is. Lost Sides was originally supposed to be released domesitcally last Fall, but was pulled for whatever reason. Whether this forthcoming release, if it exists, is still just Lost Souls-era material or if it includes b-sides from The Last Broadcast remains to be seen.

This morning, the forecast was all “thunderstorms, thunderstorms, thunderstorms! Wrath of God! Build the ark! Sinners repent!” Well, 3:30 and not a rain cloud in sight. Someone owes me two subway tokens, dammit.

np – Pavement / Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe

By : Frank Yang at 3:49 pm
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  1. Sean says:

    I saw Lost Sides mentioned in John Sakamoto’s Anti-Hit list last year and when I could not find any info about it I emailed and asked him about it.

    The record company (or the Doves) were going to put it out before the 2nd LP but decided to focus on the 2nd LP instead.

    Having a b-sides compilation after one album is convenient for the fans but a little cheesy. The only other instance I can remember of a debut LP being followed up with a disc of b sides and rarities was Gene releasing <a href="http://…/ See the Lights</a> prior to their 2nd LP.

    When I heard about Lost Sides and found that it wasn’t going to be released I went the P2P route. A 2-disc set might be worth picking up though especially if it expands too the 2nd LP rarities etc.

  2. Sean says:

    hmmm. the link went all yucky. sorry, dunno if it was my fault or the comment script or whatever. i can’t fix it.

  3. Frank says:

    Nucleus handles links in comments kinda funny. It works though, so don’t worry about it.

    Funny – when Sakomoto put the Lost Sides track in his Anti-Hit List, I also emailed him to find out when it was coming out and got the same reply. I wonder how many other Doves obsessives pestered him for info?

    I love it when bands put out b-sides comps. Cinerama, for example has released compos of all their singles and John Peel sessions to accompany their albums and I own and enjoy them all. If there’s enough unreleased material, then let the fans have it! It doesn’t have to have a big promotional push or anything, but make the material available for those who can’t or won’t go out and buy the individual singles. Or at the very least, make them available to download after the single itself has run it’s course, sales-wise.

    You’re in the UK, Sean, if you see or hear anything about this release, let me know!

  4. Sean says:

    I will keep an eye out for it.

    Yes, the link work but they don’t go where i want them to. Looks to me like the personal HTTP link ends in an unusable .s rather than .shtml and the amazon link goes to amazon but can’t find the page that ends in S">To (because there isn’t one). looking at that output i am guessing that the comments automatically convert links (like this one http://…/ ) to active links by identifying the "http" and making everything a live link until the next space shows up. trial and error on my part.