Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003

A Great Divide

NPR discussed music file sharing on their Talk Of The Nation show, featuring a few interesting guests:

Matt Oppenheim

*Senior vice president of business and legal affairs, Recording Industry Association of America

Wayne Rosso

*President of Grokster, an online file sharing program

Tom Adams

*President, Adams Media Research

Jenny Toomey

*Executive Director of the Future of Music Coalition

Listen to it here.

On a bit of an editorial note, I want so badly to kick Matt Oppenheim’s ass from here through Tuesday.

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By : Frank Yang at 7:37 pm
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  1. Paul says:

    I was a little upset at the soft questions that were lightly lobbed in Oppenheim’s direction. That, and the fact that the only callers appearing in the segment were inarticulate and confused-sounding dweebs.

  2. Frank says:

    Oh yeah, Oppenheim could have and should have had his claims of money lost to piracy challenged. Maybe someone could have asked if reduced sales had anything to do with the fact that the major labels released fewer albums over the last few years? Or that the American economy is doing rather badly and maybe people aren’t willing to buy the new Pink album instead of pay rent. Or that maybe people are just twigging on to the fact that 90% of everything the major labels release is CRAP and the consumer is sick of it? No, it’s all piracy of course. Fucknuts.

  3. Five Seventeen says:

    You need to put a few links for the very cool Jenny Toomey



  4. Five Seventeen says:

    okay you seem to have been adding them just as i was typing.