Monday, June 16th, 2003

A message for all Netscape 4.79 devotees

Out of curiousity, I just checked out my site in Netscape 4.79.


Sorry to any visitors still using it, but there’s not much I can/will do to make things less traumatic for you. The great irony of this is, YOU CAN’T EVEN READ THIS APOLOGY!!!

Oh, that’s rich.

np – Steve Earle / Jerusalem

By : Frank Yang at 4:41 pm
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  1. kyle says:

    I’d put your background image in the stylesheet and take it out of your body tag. It’ll still look wrong, but at least netscape 4.x users will get a white background and be able to read the text that way.

  2. graig says:

    lovin the new design… and as I’ve said long long ago (ahem)

    "I *hate* Netscape…

    I’m no big fan of IE, but at least shit works in IE. Netscape can go fuck off and dematerialize…

    Go have a look at my Emote page in Netscape… go… look. Then take a look in IE.


    Now you see.

    Fuckin’ Netscape."

    (see, I posted it here, long ago)


  3. Frank says:

    Netscape 7/Mozilla, man! Leaves IE sucking exhaust. Tabbed browsing, built in pop-up blocking, far better password management – it’s the way of the future. Try it, you’ll never go back. I had sworn off Netscape after the 6.0 debacle, but they’ve won me back completely.

  4. Victor Ng says:

    You kids.

    Get with the cool kids and grab Mozilla Firebird. All the coolness of Mozilla with much less fat.


  5. ian says:

    Hey graig, hate to say it but your page looks like ass in any browser, including IE. I can honestly say that it’s the most confusing and unreadable page I have ever seen.

  6. ian says:

    By "your page" I mean the Emote page. The Trepanning For Fun and Profit page looks fine.

  7. graig says:

    yeah, I did the emote page in 2000… or maybe it was 01… I dunno, i was just learning CSS at the time too

    I thought I was clever, that’s before I new I was ass…

    I AM ASS like american republicans (or whatever)

    This was all before I learned about accessibility and browser compliance.

    My regular browser is Moz, sometimes opera, IE for shockwave stuff, and I’ma check out this firebird thing soon too.