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Sunday, April 18th, 2010

"Sexual Healing"

Hot Chip covers Marvin Gaye

Image via WikipediaWikipediaThere is no way to out-sexy Marvin Gaye. It simply cannot be done, especially if you’re talking about one of his signature sexy songs – in this case, “Sexual Healing” from his final studio album, 1982’s Midnight Love.

English electro-indie outfit Hot Chip know this, thankfully, and when it came time to record a b-side for Over And Over – taken from their 2006 release The Warning – they opted not to use the Prince Of Soul’s silky approach, but their own trademark patchwork of synthetic throbs, studio-induced stutters and organic instruments. As a result, their version sounds like the soundtrack to a seduction that’s as awkward and fumbling as it is smooth, but confident in its own, post-modern way and – most importantly – ultimately successful. Aww yeah.

The Mirror, Gear 4 Music and The Aquarian Weekly have features on Hot Chip, who bring their third record One Life Stand to the Kool Haus on Tuesday for a sold-out show. Marvin Gaye was born 71 years ago and died 26 years ago, both this month.

MP3: Hot Chip – “Sexual Healing”
Video: Marvin Gaye – “Sexual Healing”