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This Concludes Our Broadcast Day

The heat death of a music blog

Image via WikipediaWikipediaOh hi, I didn’t see you there.

Welcome to the final post on chromewaves.net. Yes, that’s right. After eleven years and four months and a number of days I can’t be bothered to add up, after hundreds of concerts and festivals, countless record reviews, concert announcements, news links, MP3s, videos, and whatever the hell else I’ve posted here since September 2002, I’m calling it a day.

For the whys and wherefores, I would direct you to the tin anniversary post from last September. Go ahead, I’ll wait. What’s interesting to me in re-reading that post is that I have very little else to add, either gratitude or grievance. Every factor cited then in my thinking very hard about quitting this blog – general tiredness, industry fatigue, declining metrics, a lack of interest from within and without – still holds as much now as it did then, probably even moreso. As it turns out, the slow lane that I supposedly pulled into for the past 16 months wasn’t all that much slower than the fast lane, and it has become evident that my only choices are to either keep my foot on the gas until the needle hit ‘E’ and I flame out spectacularly or to take the next off ramp. And so here we are.

This is not a decision that I’ve taken lightly. I’ve basically spent the past year waiting/hoping for the spark of musical discovery and impulse/compulsion to share to reignite, but it simply hasn’t. Know that early drafts of this post were very different and very pointed – I planned wonderful rants about commodification, listification, commercialization, devaluation, trivialization, all kinds of -ations – but while therapeutic, were not the note I wanted to go out on. Music and blogging and music blogging have been very, very good to me, but I fear that were I to keep at it that gratitude would further curdle into resentment and cynicism and this thing that I’ve built, that has defined and directed so much of my life this past decade plus and am very proud of would suffer for it.

Already I feel the quality of what I do has diminished relative to its peak and I don’t want to stay around too long, like the pro athlete who doesn’t know when to quit and needs either a torn hamstring or demotion to the minors to get the message. And so I’ve played out this season – I think we’re done with 2013 things – and am hanging it up. I am certain that I will miss many, many things about being an active and constant voice in the conversation about new music, but shouting at and over the ever-deafening din of the music hype echo chamber to fewer and fewer ears won’t be one of them. The machine can’t stop, won’t stop, and I need to get off.

I will still be active – probably more active – on the Twitters with broadcasting stuff I come across that I find interesting or thing may be of interest, and maybe I’ll get around to trying out this Tumblr thing. Plus at some point I intend to finally attend to that redesign of this site I talked about and convert it into something more archivally-inclined than an old-school blog form.

But for now, I am going to walk away and do anything but write about music. Maybe the itch will return someday; I’ll deal with that if and when it does. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy, not least of which is disassembling a decade’s worth of blog-publishing life routines. Will my index finger start twitching at 8:30AM looking to click on “Publish”? Additionally I’ll get to work on that massive pile of books collecting on my shelf. Learn to cook something new. Use all those cameras I’ve got for photographing anything but bearded dudes with guitars in shitty light. Spend some quality time with the cat. Learn to play the solo from “I Am The Resurrection” on guitar. Listen to whatever records I want and ignore the zeitgeist guilt-free. Go to a show and not take notes and when I get home, go straight to bed. Just do all those things that I said I’d do more of if I didn’t always have to block off hours every day for the blog. Instead of constantly asking, “what’s next?”, the question is, “what now?”. It’s terrifying and exciting, but I think absolutely necessary for my own good. It is no longer time to make the donuts.

So to everyone whose paths I’ve crossed – artists, labels, promoters, publicists, bloggers, photographers, fans – it’s been a slice and I thank you and I’ll still see around. It’s been life-affirming and life-changing and life-devouring. Take care of yourselves.

MP3: Ride – “Chrome Waves”

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  1. Matt Tyson says:

    Frank – this blog was always an inspiration and an affirmation of how to do it all right and in a way that respected your audience, the music, and presented something swell to look at to boot. I will certainly miss chromewaves.net, but I welcome you to the other side. There is freedom here, and after a bit of time away, a refreshingly old way of going about musical discovery, adventure, and expression of love for the music that moves you. The music blog is dead, long live the music blog!

  2. Brad says:

    End of an era. This will be said by many people, in many different ways, but thank you, Frank. For the many years of consistently rewarding content. As sad as I am to see you pull up the stakes, I totally understand the need to get off the hamster wheel. I know you won’t be gone, but still, you’ll be missed. Best wishes, as always.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for a hell of a run.

  4. Jim Santo says:

    i’ve been there, frank, and i feel for you. best of luck, man. thanks for all you brought to the world

  5. Steve says:

    Congrats – enjoy the free time. This is/was my favourite music site – you introduced me to many great bands. I guess we’ll be seeing you in the cheap seats now.

    I will be watching for your ‘Incoming – The National’ 2014 tweet. Yonge & Dundas just didn’t cut it for me.

  6. Tim says:

    Thanks for the years of hard work Frank. Eleven years is one hell of a commitment!

  7. Iain says:

    Been visiting for the last 6 years nearly every day, so it won’t just be you who’ll have to find something new to do at one point in the day. But eternal thanks for shining an honest, objective light on events over the pond and best wishes for the future!

  8. Jay says:

    Sorry to hear this, but I certainly understand. Thanks for years of enjoyment. You’ll be missed.

  9. Ed says:

    sad to hear, but fully understand… best of luck in the future

  10. Joanne says:

    I’m glad I’ve known you for all this time. We don’t always agree on musical stuff, but I always value your intelligence and consideration. I’ll miss this blog, but I know our musical conversation’s only just begun.

  11. Darryl says:

    Thanks for everything Frank.

  12. Sasha says:

    Congratulations Frank. I think I’ve been along for almost the whole ride so I can say with authority that you should be very proud of this body of work you produced. It’s been informative, hilarious, emotional and best of all, entertaining. I’ve benefited from your many recommendations on the site, and even won tix to a couple of shows over the years. For those things you never asked for anything in return, and that is how a true gift is given.

    Thanks for the years of gifts and enjoy the retirement. Walk away with your head held high.

    See ya out there…


  13. Casey says:

    i laughed out loud at this: “Use all those cameras I’ve got for photographing anything but bearded dudes with guitars in shitty light.” so there’s that, for going out on a high note. thanks for everything, and best for the future. :-)

  14. Paul G says:

    My final class of every term includes a section of ‘must reads’ for my students-I will be sad to take chromewaves off the list. Frank-it’s been a pleasure to read your work for all of these years, and all the best on your future endeavors-we’ll see you out there.

  15. Tim says:

    Frank –

    well said. thanks for all your contributions over the last decade-plus.

  16. Uncle Grambo says:

    Congrats on a great run, Frank. Your voice will be missed, for sure.

  17. Graham P says:

    Frank – without your blog I never would have seen so many wonderful artists in so many local venues. I am forever in your debt for introductions to the music that has soundtracked my last decade – Ted Leo, Okkervil River, Alabama Shakes…I will truly miss your posts and I believe the passion that flowed through Chromewaves will shine through wherever your talent leads you. Thank you!!

  18. Scott says:

    I think I echo everyone’s sentiments; this was a daily requirement for me, the way I got early tips on shows, and the way I parsed many of the things I didn’t quite ‘get’ in the recent musical landscape – your perspective was always appreciated, and as I became an AVID Toronto showgoer since moving here almost 7 years ago, you were a staple.

    I will make a point of introducing myself to you at the next show I see you at so I can buy you a drink and say thanks in person… it has truly been a pleasure.

    The weird irony – I’m reading the end of my favourite music blog… a blog about Toronto… from an office in New York. Somehow fitting that the end is happening miles away, while I figure out how to adjust my morning reading.


  19. Holly says:

    Aw, Frank! You made an amazing thing and it will be missed. High fives, buddy!

  20. Jen says:

    Wonderful!! Congratulations on this big move and here’s to better things for you in future :)
    Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and inspiration.

  21. Kat says:

    Ah Frank! I am going to miss your blog and your insightful (and cynical) ramblings about music. It’s been a go-to since I was a young pup, introduced me to so many new bands and songs, and it always felt like an honour and totally COOL when ever I was mentioned, alongside other awesome artists. You very well may have been some of my first “press”.

    Chromewaves will be sorely missed and a big thank you for all your time that you invested into Toronto (and beyond)’s music scene. I hope the archive lives a long time. Have a great retirement, go take some outdoor-and-in-daylight photos and listen to only podcasts for a while! ;) x

  22. Beth (rockpaperpixels) says:

    Frank, you were always my inspiration for my own inconsistent attempts at rock blogging and photog-ing. I honestly don’t know how you did it so well for so long – it’s freaking exhausting, man. Enjoy your retirement, my friend.

  23. Josh says:

    Thank you, thank THANK YOU for all of the music you’ve introduced me to. I hope you find, in your new-found free time, all of the things you are looking for. Thanks again.

  24. Zunior Dave says:

    Depth. Chromewaves was always about intense, well-researched, well-considered depth of understanding in music. I tip a drumstick in your general direction.

  25. Sean says:

    There was no one like you. An inspiration in work and deed and mission, in honesty and pure love of music. You changed a lot of people’s lives, I think, in a thousand tiny ways. Definitely mine. Thank you.

  26. Steve says:

    Thanks for all of the time & effort you put into this site over the years. Reading it has started my work day for a number of years now and I will definitely miss it. Thanks in particular for introducing me to The Joy Formidable and Blood Red Shoes, 2 of my current favourite bands.

  27. Robert Duffy says:


  28. Chad says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. I’m going to miss the blog–yours has always been my favorite writing in the music blogosphere. Good luck in wherever the future takes you.

  29. Rich says:

    Thanks – I’ve spent a fair amount of cash based on your opinions. And it has been well worth it. You will be missed.

  30. Nanaimo Dave says:

    Though bittersweet, a lovely last post that echoes many of my thoughts about the current state of play in the music industry, and my own life priorities. I’ve been along on your ride for seven years and learned plenty from your musings, Frank, so thanks for that. Now go put your feet up and have a cup of tea, content in the knowledge that the Interwebs will be a less interesting place without you.

  31. Michael says:

    Wow. What a ride. Chromewaves has been my morning go-to site for as long as I can remember. I’ve learned about new music, won some ticket giveaways (Bjork was fantastic!) and kept up to date on the latest happenings. While it is sad that things won’t be the same, I wish to congratulate you on the blog and will remember your writing and this blog fondly. All the best.

  32. Taylor says:

    Followed Chromewaves for a very long time, and have always respected your effort.

    At the same time, having crossed to the other side as an ex-music blogger, I completely feel everything you’ve mentioned in this post.

    A sad loss for the internets, but you have to make the decision that’s right for you.

    Wishing you all the best in whatever you do next.

  33. Pete Nema says:

    Frank, when I first considered music blogging, I definitely spent time here on Chromewaves, using it as an example of what I wanted to do. Thanks for being there. Congratulations on your decision to move along. There are a lot of things to do in this world. Never be bored!

  34. Satisfied75 says:

    Godspeed, good sir. I look forward to hearing about life on ‘the other side’.

  35. Joe Long says:

    Thanks for Chromewaves Frank. You were one of the first and one of the best.

  36. Lee says:

    You will be so very missed here. Thank you for everything

  37. john weiss says:

    Thanks for the time and effort you’ve put into this blog. Being a bit older than the typical demographic listening to current music (I have friends who think that any music later than the Fifties is of no interest), your recommendations served to keep me up on what is happening and introduced much new enjoyable music.

  38. Bill P says:

    Truly an end of an era. Shine on, man.


  39. Daniel says:


    Thanks for all the incredible coverage of the Toronto music scene over the years.
    Chromewaves was a daily read for me and I have been to many shows because of your recommendations and winning contests.

    Congratulations and enjoy the well deserved time off.

  40. giselle says:

    since i discovered your blog, it has been my first stop on the internet every workday … thanks so much for the great writing, passion and dedication you brought to it … i will miss it every day …

  41. Colin Medley says:

    I can’t remember exactly when I first read Chromewaves, but I know I was not yet living in Toronto. I think that reading about all the great stuff happening in this city (with photographic evidence) made me really want to come here and join the (seemingly never-ending) party. But more than anything, this blog served as an inspiration to me in that it showed me the places being a passionate music fan can take you. Your tireless commitment to producing original content (not just regurgitated press releases, plus really really really good photos) is still humbling. I’m going to miss this site so fucking much.

  42. James says:

    Frank, we’ve talked about this day in person a few times and now that it’s here, I’m gratified that you went out with such class. Also great to see the flood of appreciation in the comments. One thing I tell you a lot and that I want to put out here publicly: you are a hell of a writer. Even “grinding it out” every day, you managed to be witty and insightful. I hope you keep on writing in some form, even if it’s just for you (and me!).

    Also, now you will be around more for socializing. That makes me happy, my friend!

  43. Paul says:

    Frank, selfishly I am angry with you – Chromewaves was the first site I visited each day since I first started reading your work close to ten years ago. That said, I completely respect your decision, I am sure that running a high quality blog like yours came with many, many hours of hard work. I truly appreciate every word you’ve written, every recommendation you’ve made that has become important in my life, and also for all of the tickets I’ve won in your many contests. I love your blog, and will definitely miss it. I wish you all the best with these extra hours you are about to gain!

  44. thomaus says:

    Job well done.

  45. Neil says:

    Cheers Frank! Great blog and insightful ramblings about music! Will be missed! :)

  46. Marty says:

    Awww mannnn!

    First off, thanks Frank. The immense effort you’ve put into Chromewaves is appreciated by myself and obviously many others.

    Secondly, can anyone recommend a replacement site I can check each morning? Seriously. I work too many hours and I have young kids. I sadly don’t have the time to discover new bands and keep track of who is coming to town. Chromewaves sorted through all the content out there and delivered it in perfect digest form. Pretty much essential reading for me…

  47. Darren K. says:

    Simply: thanks. Be good.

  48. HuffPostCaMusic says:

    Frank calls it a night RT @fyang: chromewaves: The heat death of a music blog http://t.co/USd7HequSm #chromewake

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    […] A sad day in music blog land: one of the first, Chromewaves, called it quits today after 13 years. Which is a long time to do this. Especially when the whole time it was just one guy doing it — Toronto resident Frank Yang, who posted almost every day for Chromewaves’ entire run. Says Frank in today’s final post: […]

  50. Craig Saila says:

    Wow. Everything’s got to end, right? Chromewaves has been, literally, one of the most influential online publications I’ve read—it will be missed. Thanks for all your passion and work over the years, Frank, and I’ll see you under the heat lamp!

  51. Neil W. says:

    I guess it had to end sometime. Thanks Frank for being there…..long time fan of Chromewaves.


  52. Jim says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and support over the years, Frank.

    You done good.

  53. Matt_EH says:

    Sorry to see it go, one of my favorite sites :( RT @fyang chromewaves: The heat death of a music blog http://t.co/mGj9Q6w0Vh #chromewake

  54. Matt_EH says:

    If it wasn’t for Chromewaves I probably wouldn’t have heard of Kings of Leon in 2007, Fleet Foxes, Basia Bulat… So many… Thanks @fyang

  55. Wayne M says:

    Thanks Again FrankY – A challenging task but loved to check in and sample the tunes and shows you shared.
    Best of Luck and enjoy a rescheduling of time. WM

  56. Stu says:

    Best wishes Frank. I can’t imagine the time investment for chromewaves. Must have been staggering… Anyhow, no doubt you helped to hype up the bands that needed it and turned loads of people onto new music.
    Thanks for everything!

  57. DCapTO says:

    @fyang You’ll be missed but sounds like exciting times ahead for you, rock on!

  58. Jakub H says:

    Thanks for the kind reviews when we were starting out a few years ago! They were by no means amazing reviews, but they were fair, honest, and very perceptive, and I always respected that. I don’t really read reviews. I don’t see the point. But being in the industry for a while now, and having to track down all our reviews for press kits and grants, I really get to see how full of shit most blogs are. Nor do they take any time to understand or maybe even listen to an artist. They simply repost the song, and pinch a line from a facebook page and change a word or two. Or alternately, they talk up some buzz band that is obviously shit. For what gain I’m not sure. Certainly not journalistic integrity. Yours stood out though, and I can see how you probably helped out many music careers and brought fans to new music. Including ours. So thanks and good luck!

  59. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for all the great photos and coverage all these years!

  60. erik says:

    Thanks man.

    I’m asking ‘what now?’ too and I don’t know, what could replace you? I guess I’ll have to go looking or do it myself haha

  61. Ottawateeth says:


  62. Michael says:

    Wow the end of an era. I believe I started my blog about a year after yours, inspired by music blogs like Largehearted Boy and yours. And while I never reached the levels you did [you were a dominant force like the ’57-’69 Boston Celtics], having existed during the same period as your blog did inspire me to carve out my own little niche within the Toronto-centric music blogosphere which I think I achieved to some extent. You were in fact the first music blogger in Toronto I met (do you remember the time I bought a Wilco / Mod Club concert ticket from you when you were living on Bathurst St?) and over the years have met other people in Toronto because of your blog or because of the same shows we’d attended. Your consistency and devotion to documenting the music scene in Toronto has been a thing of beauty and something to be proud of. Best of luck to what the next stage in your life brings you.

  63. Mycoil says:

    You’ve done such a fine job promoting Canadian bands to the rest of the world. I’ll miss this.

  64. Rob says:

    Man . . . this sucks. Change sucks. This is always the first blog that I read in my daily blog roll. Well, here’s to times a changin’, we can’t stay young, innocent and fresh-faced forever. I shed a tear listening to the Ride .mp3. Thank you for all the great content (and I don’t even live in Canada)! Best to you my man, and godspeed.

  65. David says:

    Thank you Frank for all the hard work you’ve done with Chromewaves over the years. You’ve became my go to source for music journalism. You were local (Toronto) and gave me a heads up for great concerts coming to Toronto. I discovered a lot of good music from your posts. Enjoy your retirement.

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    […] or just read the original non cliff notes version here: http://www.chromewaves.net/2013/12/the-heat-death-of-a-music-blog/ […]

  67. Andrew says:

    Frank —
    Thanks for all the hard work. Chromewaves has been an integral part of my morning routine (coffee first, then on to the blog) for the six years I’ve lived in Toronto and your voice will be sorely missed. You’ve introduced me to countless bands/albums that I hold dear and seeing you wrestle your way to the front of a rowdy crowd made me appreciate your concert photography all the more. Thanks again and all the best in all your future endeavours!

  68. Bell's Lackey says:

    Damn. Thanks so much.

  69. Phil says:

    You’ll be missed. Thanks and best of luck. You deserve it.

  70. Ryan says:

    Ride into the sun, Frank. Thanks for the years of hard work. It has been appreciated.

  71. Pedro Taveira says:

    Sad to learn you’re stopping, hopefully not for long. Greetings from Oporto, Portugal!

  72. Gillian says:

    So sad to see you go but completely understandable. Godspeed and best wishes for the future!

  73. cathisms says:

    Wow. The music community will miss chromewaves. RT @fyang: chromewaves: The heat death of a music blog http://t.co/I8kGFcrnfO #chromewake

  74. Anthony says:

    Congrats on the next step in life! You put together a fine and influential work that consistently kept me glued to the screen. Your words, barbs, opinions and fine musical taste will be sorely missed.

    I’ll always remember your comment about Hole/ Courtney Love coming to town, ” “The reconstituted Hole have set a date at the Sound Academy for July 10, $35. I suppose having a definite when and where is better than hanging out on an overpass and just hoping to see a train wreck.” Fine words indeed.

  75. cathisms says:

    @fyang hey, good luck! Happy for you, but it won’t be the same without you around and reading your reviews.

  76. Scott M. says:

    Frank, you will always be remembered as having one of the best online music sites from the get-go. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Gonna miss this site dearly.

  77. Ryan says:

    Thanks for everything! You will be missed. Sad news indeed.

  78. Chris G says:

    Cheers Frank, it’s been a pleasure…

  79. Adrian Bischoff says:


    I’ve always loved that you so obviously cared about and loved music and put that into your site. Way to keep at it all these years and write some great stuff! I still listen to many of the bands you introduced me to or help bring into focus for me.

    As a fellow blogger that also hung up his cleats (to use your sports analogy), I can say that most days I’m happy not to have that pressure to post. Some days I do get the itch and then I post something but those days are largely few and far between.

    Congratulations for a job well done and a race well run!

  80. Brad says:

    And now my daily routine changes as well – as this blog will no longer be the first thing I read when I wake up on the morning.

    This place was my guide to what was happening in the music scene when I first moved here a decade ago and still a daily visit.

    Thanks for everything. You will be missed.

  81. dB says:

    Thanks for all the work and info…esp aggregating all the article links. I bet that never got tiresome.

  82. Jarret says:

    Frank, I came to your blog fairly late – only a few years ago when I moved to Toronto – but you’ve been a great source of musical info for those few years. I’ve found many a great bands via your site and I looked forward to reading every day. Thanks so much for the work you put into this blog, and good luck with whatever it is you go on to do from here.

  83. Leafsguy says:

    WHAT. Where am I supposed to get my upcoming concert and Suede updates now??? As a 33-year-old music fan, this site had me pegged. This sucks. Thanks for doing all the legwork for us.

  84. roklinedotcom says:

    @fyang I didn’t know you, but already miss you. A poignant final post, & I look forward to reading a legacy of blog posts & future tweets.

  85. judy says:

    All the best Frank. I will miss my go-to music recommendation site though. Just this morning I was wondering about the chromewaves top picks for 2013. I will have to now put more effort to search & distill!

  86. intelcanada says:

    So long + farewell to a blog we really really liked “@fyang chromewaves: The heat death of a music blog http://t.co/mVD1XlFbpt #chromewake”

  87. persuasionista says:

    I’ll never forget the first time you posted a nxne headliner pre-announce. Thanks for all the panic + fun, @fyang http://t.co/cjAHqvg2dP

  88. persuasionista says:

    @fyang also, #chromewake makes me feel my nxne retirement was well-timed.

  89. David says:

    Thank you. I’ve checked this site every day for a very, very long time. It is much appreciated.

  90. markosaar says:

    Congrats on the great run!

    Loved your blog since you had very similar influences to me (Ride, Stone Roses, MBV, Chapterhouse, Saint Etienne, etc.), yet challenged me with the modern stuff you posted.


  91. steve d says:

    Thanks for everything Frank. See you in the next one, have a good time.

  92. Kurt B says:

    Thanks for all of the music you’ve turned me on to over the years. Ciao……

  93. Aitor says:

    Thanks for all these years. The ride had to end at some point but I will miss reading your blog. A lot. I used to read it before I moved to Toronto and it has been an invaluable source of information since I’ve been living here. The writing and the overall quality has always been excellent. Luckily for us readers I’m sure you will still be around, be it on Twitter, tumblr, or any other device you use to channel your tremendous passion for music.

  94. thomas f says:

    been following the blog for as long as i can remember, thanks for the years of info and being the key part of the morning routine.

  95. andrew says:

    thank you, Frank, for many great years of service. i can relate on a few levels to your reason for leaving, as I have also been a part of the “machine” for nearly 15 years, with increasingly diminishing returns. even the things we are most passionate about eventually become reshuffled and re-prioritized. it has been a pleasure reading your insights over the years, good luck with your future endeavors.

  96. blureu says:

    Also been a follower for years. Thanks for all your hard work. No other music blog even compares to Chromewaves!

  97. Happy Music News & Some Sad Music News | Life On Oz says:

    […] music news. Now for some sad Toronto music news: The highly respected music blog Chromewaves has officially called it quits. Blog author Frank Yang made the announcement earlier today in a post that’s sure to put a frown […]

  98. Bob says:

    From an American fan: you turned me on to a lot of great music and tipped me off to oh so many shows in your city. Thanks for everything.

  99. David W says:

    Best of Luck Frank. Thanks for many years of great music and writing. I have always enjoyed and shared your taste in music, and it will be hard to replace.

  100. Neal says:

    Thanks for all the hard work…I came around these parts back in the day from the Galaxie 500 mailing list and chromewaves has been a daily read since. Good luck and enjoy the shows without having to tell us all about it!

  101. matt d says:

    All the best Frank.
    My morning routine will not be the same without your take on new releases,upcoming shows and the Toronto scene. Thanks for all of your efforts and the tips (music and festivals) that you’ve given me over the years. It’s been a pleasure!

  102. Brian says:

    This is sad news. I really did always wonder how you found the time to make this as complete and all encompassing as you did. Best of luck in everything, Frank.

  103. Mark Whiting says:

    Hell of a run my man. Hell of a run. I understand exactly where you’re coming from — hope you find plenty of diverse projects and learning experiences to keep you busy for the next decade.

  104. John says:

    Thanks for all the insights over the years…. Been an avid T.O./UK based reader for most of it. Cheers!

  105. juepucta says:

    Thanks for 10+ yrs of commitment to this, man. All the best in your future endeavours.


  106. Jon says:

    Frank – Thanks for all the time you’ve put into writing. I discovered your site in the mid 2000’s and found out about BSS and so many other great Toronto bands through your blog. I made it up to Toronto for the Field Trip festival this summer. It was a unforgettable trip – Toronto is an amazing city. I probably never would have made the trip if hadn’t become a regular reader of your site. Best of luck!

  107. Jordan says:


    Thank you for introducing me to so much great music.

    Thank you for inspiring me to start my own blog.

    Thank you for inspiring me to become a better concert photographer.

    You’ve had a huge impact on me. I will miss your posts and the music you would have turned me on to.

    All the best as you move on to more excitement.


  108. Mike says:

    I agree with all of the above. In the summer of 2004, reading your blog became part of my daily routine. New bands, concerts, reviews…You were definitely an influencer. All good things must come to an end, but you have done a great service to music, artists and fans.

    Best Regards,

  109. Eric E. says:

    Many thanks for all of the wonderful music that I’ve been introduced to thanks to your site. Take care and good luck…


  110. Iain says:

    This blog helped me stay connected to Toronto music long after I moved to suburbia to raise a family. I came across it years ago searching for #Ride tributes/ discussions and stayed for recommendations that shaped my musical sensibilities today. It seems like we both grew up in the nineties grunge/britpop eras and shared the same experiences. I’ve never met Frank, but someday I hope to and I’ll buy him a drink. Good luck in your next endeavor and maybe we’ll meet when Mark, Andy, Loz and Steve hit the stage again.

    “The beginning of understanding is just knowing there is no end and the door that stands before you is just waiting to be your friend.”

  111. Peter says:

    I’m a long-time reader. I appreciate all of your time and effort. You’ve introduced me to some great new music. Your efforts will be missed. Good luck with your next venture.

  112. Gary says:

    Long-time reader, long-time creeper: You’ve done some amazing work here. You should be proud. This blog means a lot to a lot more people than you know.

  113. Chris says:

    Read this all the time as an ex-torontonian to see what I was missing, and as such, it will be missed. To you, sir, I give thanks.

    She knew she was able to fly
    Because when she came down
    She had dust on her hands from the sky
    She said I touched a cloud
    She felt so high, the dust made her cry

  114. BobbyK says:

    Another long time reader here….so very sorry to see you call it quits. You’ve been a great source of knowledge, information and inspiration. I cannot tell you how much of an influence you’ve been to my listening experiences….this is sad news for your readers, but I wish you much success, rest and fulfillment in your future endeavors. Thanks for everything!!!!

  115. Vik says:

    I just felt compelled to say a word of thanks as a small offering for the years of thoughtful, thorough, and entertaining reads. I always knew I could count on you to keep it classy. Just promise me you’ll bring it back if there ever is a Ride reunion!

    And for what it’s worth; if the amount of waffling I did before deciding to leave this comment is any indication, I guarantee that for every commenter here, there are ten others you’ve touched in some way that didn’t.

  116. RT says:

    One of two music blogs I read every morning, I appreciated the effort you put into this. I’ve blogged for a decade now, and understand the commitment it takes. Congrats on putting in all the time and introducing me to plenty of new acts. A much deserved break.

  117. Rob says:

    This blog will be missed. Lots of great bands, great writing and great times.

    Best of luck, Frank & co.

  118. Jon says:

    I’m not a regular reader anymore (I quit trying to “keep up” with music), but I was indeed shocked to see this come to an end. To me, this site was a marvel in how well/meticulously you wrote, research, and maintained it. I couldn’t believe the dedication – and the quality. I would come back to it here and there, and today was one of those days. Sorry to see your blog end, but thankful for all I got from it. Best of luck in everything you choose to do!

  119. Mike says:

    As a former blogger myself who gave it up for many of the same reasons, I feel ya. But I’ll definitely miss the posts. You’ve turned me on to a lot of great music over the years. Thanks for all the hard work.

  120. Bobby B says:

    It’s been a great run Frank, and you should be proud of the fact that this was easily one of the most informative, and, perhaps more importantly, most entertaining music sites ever created. Thank you for introducing me to so much excellent music through the years and for making me laugh on a regular basis with your witty insights. As a former blogger myself, I hafta say that simply enjoying the music you feel like listening to, without all of the “zeitgeist pressure”, is my favourite thing about moving on. I know you’re going to really enjoy it also!

    Have fun…

  121. Goncalo says:

    thanks a lot for all the great work! i was a usual, silent reader of your blog and you gave me a lot these past years, always a great reading and great listening, . well done, now enjoy your rest.
    gonçalo, from portugal

  122. eric says:

    long time reader, long time admirer–thank you.

  123. jnuh says:

    Thanks, Frank.

    chromewaves will be missed.

  124. Clif (thedadada.com) says:

    Frank–I just came across this post. I’ve always considered Chromewaves the best music blog out there. It was so well put together and thoughtful. It was a great long form blog with rich content and excellent photography. Good luck and enjoy life! –Clif

  125. The Blogosphere Just Got A Little Dimmer… | The Dadada says:

    […] The demise of Chromewaves came as quite a surprise to me. We’ve followed the blog for nearly 10 years, and have often considered it the best music blog out there. Frank wrote an eloquent long-form blog that combined news, opinions and music reviews . His music and booklists were a beacon for me and several others, and most of all, he was there every day. An incredible feat when considering it was a labor of love, and not his primary job. So many bloggers (including those who write this blog) are driven by their intrinsic love of music and desire for expression, but it can only buoy the spirit so long. Thanks, Frank, for a great 11 years. Whatever you do, enjoy life! […]

  126. Bruce says:

    A little late to this afterparty, as a series of ice storm-induced blackouts have kept me off the webs for a few days, but not at all surprised to see the throngs offering their thanks, well-wishes and sadness at this news. In fact it feels like reading the farewell comments in the back of a yearbook on the last day of school, and if I can find a little space on one of the endpapers, I’ll add mine.

    Chromewaves has given me much over the years, ever since I came across it while looking for a review of a Belle & Sebastian/New Pornographers show back in the mid-2000s (and discovered a mutual distaste for The Docks/Sound Academy). I realized we were going to many of the same shows and started returning to see your write-ups, quickly becoming hooked. What I found was so much more than what I came for, especially in the quality of the writing, which was far and away superior to most online music reporting. Now that you have time to step back and breathe, I think you have a book (or two) in you. Hell, even if you managed to get a collection of your Chromewaves posts and superb photos into print, I’d buy it!

    In the meantime, if I’m ever at a show that I think you might be attending, I’ll look for you in your habitual spot at the immediate foot of the stage. Even without obligation dictating your vantage point, I expect you would eschew any given room’s sonic sweet spot for an experience as up- close-and-personal as possible, as old habits die hard. Maybe without the camera at first (just because you can), but likely not for long. Many, many thanks.

  127. Wally Thoreson says:

    I’ve followed your blog for more than 5 years. I’ll miss it tremendously. It’s been my mainstay inspiration for music during that time. I understand why you want to give it up. But I want you to know I’ve loved your musical suggestions (and they make this 50 plus year old professor occasionally seem cool to his students). Thanks for all the music.

  128. Rori Caffrey says:

    Frank – Thanks for the years of great words, pictures and insight. Chromewaves was the only music blog I followed and I’ll miss it very much.

  129. Sarah R says:

    Dear Frank: Like many others above, I too will very much miss Chromewaves. Thank you so much for all your time and effort in this blog! It’s the best blog in Toronto that I’ve always read and followed, you introduced me to a lot of great music over the years. I wish you well, and all the best to your future endeavors!

  130. Dior Music says:

    Thank you with the decades involving wonderful words and phrases, photos as well as understanding.

  131. Lisa says:

    Thanks Frank, will miss your humour and insight, and the free tickets to great shows.

  132. Sound Agents says:

    Appreciate it with the many years involving amazing phrases and words, pics along with realizing.

  133. [Nac Blogiversary] 14 Live Covers for 14 Long Years : Bradley's Almanac says:

    […] this place completely. “The blog is dead, long live the blog“, they say. This post-Chromewaves world is a lonely place, but I’m hanging […]

  134. Jay says:

    I am part of your “declining metrics” unfortunately, having just discovered this farewell 2 months after you posted it. I appreciate your incredible effort and thoroughness for the past 7 years I have read your blog regularly. I always wondered how you had a life outside of music blogging because you had so much info. Good luck with spending your free time wisely and re-charging our inner battery. Thanks, Frank, for the music tips and points of view.

  135. Filmes Online Gratis says:

    Nice. A little late to this afterparty, as a series of ice storm-induced blackouts have kept me off the webs for a few days, but not at all surprised to see the throngs offering their thanks, well-wishes and sadness at this news. In fact it feels like reading the farewell comments in the back of a yearbook on the last day of school, and if I can find a little space on one of the endpapers, I’ll add mine.

  136. bestmishu says:

    Thanks for a hell of a run.

  137. Jonny Aquadora says:

    From reading this one post, I can tell that you are an awesome person. I can relate to being burnt out on the music machine and the system. Hope you are getting rest and enjoying the small things in life. Enjoy our new album, Every Party Dies, in your time off and drink a Gin for me. Cheers!