Sunday, July 4th, 2004

"I Wrote A Poem On A Dog Biscuit…"

“…And your dog refused to look at it.” Looks like I’m going to inadvertantly have a Galaxie 500 theme running through the blog this week (check out the mp3 of the week if you haven’t already). Or at least for today. That’s okay, there’s worse fates. Happy 4th of July to our American cousins.

Last year for their 10th anniversary issue, Magnet compiled a list of their top 60 albums from 1993-2003. They’ve just now gotten around to putting it online. Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age nabs the cover for the new issue out soon.

The Toronto Star has a piece on how the digital age is affecting comic book creators and publishers. Myself, I don’t like reading traditional comics on my computer – the aspect ratio is all wrong, the pages take too long to load if they’re at a decent resolution and I miss the Charles Atlas ads. However, fellows like, whom Kate introduced me to at The Beguiling yesterday at Free Comic Book Day, and local dude M@B are making good use of the online medium with sort-of comic blogs. I guess I just like my Spider-Man on Mando paper and mylar-bagged.

My West Coast trip is beginning to take some shape. After flying into Vancouver, I’m going to ferry out to Victoria for a couple days, then ferry down to Seattle and hostel it for a night or two, then Amtrak will get me back to Vancouver. All cheaper and probably nearly as fast as driving would. I figure I’ll still get to see the coastline from the train. I do need a new backpack to replace my ratty old one from university though, and am right now browsing through MEC’s selection. Do I really need one with an ice axe tube? I don’t know, better safe than sorry I guess.

I haven’t really started planning WHAT I’m going to do in these respective cities once I arrive, though. I figure the transportation and accomodations are more pressing issues. Here’s a question – if I’m going to arrive in Seattle at the ferry pier around 11:30 AM on Tuesday, is scheduling a departure at 6:00 PM the next day not giving myself enough time to have a decent wander around the downtown? Or should I plan to depart the next morning? Though now that I think about it, I don’t know what I’d do with that extra evening – if things close up at night, particularly on a Wednesday, then I may be better off just heading back to Vancouver that night. There’s no shows I’m interested in from what I can tell. Hmm. Oh, and where are the good record stores in Seattle?

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  1. Eric Beus says:

    That should be plenty of time to wander Seattle a bit. You might check out AC Newman at Neumo’s Tuesday night if you’re so inclined. Pretty cheap ($10 advance, not sure at the door). Or Amy Blaschke, Graham Travis and Luke Temple at the Crocodile Cafe (to reduce them quickly: Julie Doiron, decent pop, Jeff Buckley in that order). Only $6. I’m not too fond of what I’ve heard from Graham Travis, but the other two are nice.

    Sonic Boom Records has three locations but the 514 15th Ave E. location (Capitol Hill) is your best bet. It’s a bit of a hike. Might try a bus. There’s tried and true punk vinyl at Singles Going Steady (2219 2nd Ave., up the hill from the waterfront and left [north] up 2nd) , as well as Everyday Music (for trolling for used CD’s/DVD’s mostly, although not bad new selection either, 112 Broadway Ave. E.).

    Drop by Eliot Bay Books (101 South Main St.) too.

    Hope all that helps. None of our record stores really tops Zulu records in Vancouver, but they’re bad. Lyle’s is nice in Victoria.

  2. Eric Beus says:

    I meant not bad compared to Zulu. Yikes.

  3. Frank says:

    I just realized I used the same G500 lyric in last year’s 4th of July post. Shame on me for repeating myself.