Sunday, June 27th, 2004

Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home

It was interesting being back in Waterloo yesterday and wandering around my old hometown and stomping grounds, feeling old and nostalgic. The university looked almost exactly as I remembered it, but with enough differences – mostly in the the form of new buildings – to remind me that this was not the same campus I spent five years slacking off on. At one point, I drove back to the first-year residence which still looked exactly the same as it did when I first arrived ten years ago, less two months. That’s a decade, folks. Misty-eyed reminiscences were interrupted when I spotted a groundhog wandering across the quad and I chased him around for a bit. Good times. Being back on campus on such a beautiful day did stir up some wistful longing for the simpler, younger days of collegiate life, but then I remembered how much it sucked to be poor all the time so that took care of that. I do miss the camaraderie, though. I got to catch up on that at the barbeque with my friends, though as expected it was heavily dominated by baby talk – that is, talk of their babies, not drooling babbling incoherence (Though the kids had that department covered pretty well). Cute kids. I have no idea how to deal with small children. Or larger children, for that matter. It was interesting seeing my friend Chris’ nice big house, all grown-up decorated and furnished. We were roommates for a few years in school, and he’s certainly come a long way. Me, I live in a basement.

The Toronto Star’s Ben Rayner ruminates on what seems to have become the concensus reasoning as to Lollapalooza’s failure. – Old people don’t want to go to festivals.

Sea Ray tonight! The Rivoli! $8! Doors at 9! Opener to be announced! $10! No opener! Show at 10! Go go go go go! I promise this will be the last bit of lobbying I do for this show. Because, after all, it’s tonight, and urging people to attend after the fact is just silly.

I have a $5 movie pass that expires on the 30th. I think I will go see Dodgeball this afternoon.

Random fact for the day – Trying to assemble Ikea shelves without the instructions is harder than you’d think. It’s like trying to get into the minds of crazy Swedish engineers. And you will always have screws and bolts left over. Always.

np – Rachel Goswell / Waves Are Universal

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  1. Ieinz says:

    How was dodgeball?

  2. sam says:

    ha. last night i assembled my brand new ikea chest of drawer (is that a real term?) from 11 pm to 12:35 am :) and i loved every minute of it :) end result: 2 screws left :) lol

  3. outsider says:

    swedish industrial designers man! you don’t even want to think about how a shelving unit would turn out if it were left to engineers..bunch of 2x4s held together with carriage screws .. or something.