Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

White Belly

Behold the artwork for Tanya Donelly’s Whiskey Tango Ghosts, out July 27. Larger pic here. Over on the 4AD message board, someone has done a track-by-track commentary (I hesitate to call it a review) of the new record.

Wilco appear to be set on becoming a multimedia powerhouse. In the last few years there’s been a feature film and DVD, compact discs, a free digital download EP and biography (Learning How To Die, out June 15). Now there’s another book due out in October – check out The Wilco Book. Produced in conjunction with PictureBox Inc (who designed the packaging for A Ghost Is Born), it’s descibed as follows: “Accompanied by a 40-minute CD of unreleased new music, The Wilco Book is a full color 160-page visual analog to the band’s music”. So there you have it – an album’s worth of unreleased music and a picture book to go along with it. How cool is that? Only thing that could be cooler is if there was the sound of Tinkerbell waving her magic wand everytime it was time to turn the page.

And a Wilco chaser – Billboard reviews their show last night in NYC.

Iron & Wine are doing an instore at Soundscapes on College St on June 29 at 7pm in advance of their show that same night at the Horseshoe.

I don’t know why The Wave has decided that Yo La Tengo are ‘shoegaze’, but thankfully it doesn’t factor into this quick interview with James McNew about nothing in particular. From the GPC.

Curiosa ticket info is now up. As predicted, it’s pricey – $25.50 for lawns, up to $85.50 for seats. And don’t forget, this is before Ticketmaster’s anal rape fees so we’re talking $100 if you want to marvel at how badly Robert Smith is aging from up close. They’re on sale this Saturday though I believe there’s a presale starting today if you’re a member of CFNY’s – sorry, Edge 102’s glee club. I don’t know anything beyond that. Now you damn kids get off my lawn.

An interesting experience helping out at the White Ribbon Campaign concert last night. Who knew The Tea Party had so many fans? Not I. Nor was I accustomed to interacting with all-out rawk fans, with their leather pants, low-cut tank tops and teased-out hair (this is the men AND women, thanks – though the women did generally have much larger breasts). Guess I’ve spent too much time in the insular little world of indie… or not enough. Since it turned out I was no longer needed for the silent auction, I was assigned to gather signatures for a giant petition. Didn’t do a terrific job of it either, I confess, though it wasn’t really my fault. It’s tough to get peoples’ attention when you’re standing in a dark doorway (some light would have been nice…) and they’re looking really hard for the bar. What got me the most was the people who looked at the petition (which basically said “These men are working to end men’s violence against women”, the raison d’etre of the organization) and said, “no thanks”. What, you disagree with the cause? Anyway, I got bored with that and went to help hand out white ribbons at the front door for a while. All in all, I wasn’t really needed there after all but it was nice to help out where I could. If ineffectively.

np – Cinerama / Torino

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  1. Ryan Waddell says:

    Umm, they’re actually not Edge102 anymore, they are now "102.1 The Edge"… The difference is gigantic, I know.

  2. craig says:

    Wilco’s doing the web multimedia thing too; they webcast their show from the 9:30 Club in Washington DC last night.

    It was a great show; I had the good fortune of seeing the old-fashioned way — live.