Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004


Finally, there is confirmation that Curiosa is coming to Toronto. The Cure and friends will be at the Molson Amphitheatre on August 9. From what I hear, though, you had better be prepared to pay through the nose for this one. Robert Smith has been known in the past to take the stage in hometown hockey jerseys – since this is a Summer tour and it’ll probably be hot out, do you think Fat Bob might do the same thing again but in a much better ventilated Raptors basketball jersey and shorts? I sure as hell hope not.

If you’d given up on for dead? Think again – while it’s no longer a repository for tracks from everyone with a 4-track, dictaphone or wire recorder, it is now a pretty cool music guide (a la AMG) with loads of audio clips, links to download services where you can purchase the track and reviews. Consider the alternative/indie subgenre (duh) – you’re one click away from soundclips of their choices for key artists and key songs. Most of the choices are very obvious – no one there is trying too hard to be hip – but you would have a hard time arguing against the worthiness of their selections. A very cool way to get introduced to new stuff you may have only read about in the past. Bravo, CNet.

Gotta say – Bjork’s twist on the live album of releasing complete live versions of all her studio albums? Genius.

The makers of the Emogame get political with Bushgame, wherein you get to take on the evil overlord of the free world with He-Man, Hulk Hogan and Mr T on your side – but look out, the GOP has Voltron!

I’d think it would take some doing to make the list of 100 Worst Porn Titles (NSFW, natch). I can, however, say with the authority of someone who worked in a video store with a not-insignificant number of adult movies that some of the titles, the movie spoofs in particular, are pretty damn clever. Riding Miss Daisy, Edward Penishands and Hump Up The Volume, for example (far more spoofs here – again, NSFW!). From Michaelangelo Matos.

Well there goes my reputation as a PG blog.

Something else from my video clerk days – I remember when Glengarry Glen Ross came out on video, I read the back of the box and couldn’t imagine that a film about real estate agents could be interesting. Ah, youth. A decade later I’ve finally got around to seeing it and you know what? Real estate can be pretty damn intense. Granted, with a powerhouse cast like this one (Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Ed Harris, Kevin Spacey, Alan Arkin) and a David Mamet script, you could make a film about aquarium parts repairmen riveting. I find that’s the great thing about films adapted from plays – since they’re written without any sort of cinematic crutches like special effects, gunfights, car chases, etc, you’ve basically left with actors acting. Do it right, and the results are amazing (do it wrong and you’ve got a 2-hour feast of overacting…) I like to try and picture how it would have originally played out on stage, which is interesting in that I don’t really ever go see plays. Maybe I should start.

np – Pavement / Brighten The Corners

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  1. sam says:

    glengarry glen ross – ah, thanks for reminding me about this one!!! when i susbcribed to the online rental services, one of the titles i wanted to finally rent was this one. but i forgot about it. thanks.

  2. tim j, says:

    Soulpepper Theatre is the best thing going in this city.

  3. solace says:

    not sure what they’ll be up in Canada, but tickets for Curiosa are $40/65/75 US here, not bad honestly, for a festival

  4. Patrick says:

    I saw the play of Glengarry Glen Ross about eight months ago at a community theater. It was horrible. I wish I could be kinder. Really do, but it was bad.

  5. Frank says:

    Was that because of the play itself or because it was community theatre?

  6. mike says:

    That August weekend(in Toronto) is shaping up to be quite busy with Lollapalooza, the Olympic Island concert and now The Cure! Thanks for the tip!

  7. Five Seventeen says:

    Bjorks Idea of releasing the Live Boxset was genius. Releasing them all seperately? Who’s buying 2 out of 4 (which is the only way they make sense pricewise)

  8. david says:

    I was going to wait for the live Phish covers of the Bjork albums, but now they will never be produced…

  9. derrick says:

    Check out

  10. Frank says:

    check out