Tuesday, June 1st, 2004

How I Quit Smoking

To all the smokers grumbling about Toronto’s new smoking ban (effective today) and how cigarettes are ‘rock-n-roll’ and if you can’t have a smoke with your drink, you just won’t bother going out? I say to you, “Ha ha ha ha, fuck you all”. In the nicest possible way, of course. To be honest, though, I have my doubts about how well this thing will be enforced. I don’t expect to never see anyone smoking in a bar again, but if it cuts the number of smokers in a room down by any significant amount, which I think it will, it’s good enough for me.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should admit that I worked a co-op job at a cigarette company for four months while in university. In my defense, however, I needed a job pretty bad and while they paid me a lot, I did pretty much nothing the whole time (but neither did the full-timer engineers – a lazier batch of slackers I’ve never seen). Well that’s not true – I played Freecell. A lot of Freecell. I started playing the games sequentially in order from #1, not moving on to the next game until I beat the last one. I think I was in the mid-2000s by the time the work term was over.

Chart Exclaim! finds out Polly Jean Harvey has still got the blues on Uh Huh Her, out next Tuesday. Pitchfork has a review.

The Guelph Hillside Festival takes place every year about a 1/2 hour outside Toronto and while still maintaining its strong folk roots, has become more and more eclectic in recent years. This year’s edition takes place July 23-25 and while this year’s lineup isn’t quite as stellar as some past ones, it’s still pretty strong. Some artists appearing will be Arcade Fire, Metric, The Unicorns and Oh Susanna. Tickets range from $35 for single evenings to $60 for early bird weekend passes. Exact schedule still to come.

np – Superchunk / Incidental Music 1991-1995

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  1. the real janelle says:

    i love the smoking ban here in new york. love love love.

  2. Gary Campbell says:

    Freecell is, like, the best game EVER. I think it nicely satisfies my obsessive compulsion to put disorganized information into a logical order. I’ll have to try playing all the games in order. I’d never thought of that before…

  3. christina says:

    i think by chart you mean exclaim.

  4. Frank says:

    you’re right, I do.

  5. mishie says:

    i really sure hope this no-smoking thing works out cause i am so freakin’ sick of my pretty clothes stinking like ass when i get home from shows.

  6. Kate says:

    lemme know about Hillside. IE, if you’re going, camping, details, etc.

    I could go for a weekend out of town.