Tuesday, May 25th, 2004


Finally. Brooklyn’s finest (to my ears, anyway) Sea Ray will make their Toronto debut at the Rivoli Sunday June 27, tickets $10 in advance. Their record Stars At Noon is chock full of wonderfully lush and dreamy pop, but not wimpy in the least, and is getting some serious mileage in my playlist. All reports are that they put on a fantastic show. This will be so good. That last week of June is shaping up to be one crazy week of shows – Sea Ray Sunday, Iron & Wine Tuesday, Nellie McKay Wednesday, The Magnetic Fields Friday. Thank goodness that that Thursday is a holiday and Friday just a half day.

Also cool – Heart Murmur brings word of a Beulah DVD due out late Summer or early Fall. A Good Band Is Easy To Kill follows the band on tour through North America last Fall in support of Yoko. Their October show at Lee’s Palace was one of the best concerts I went to last year, so I’m obviously looking forward to seeing this.

Despite their roster being down one keyboardist and up one guitarist, New Order says their new record sounds “more Techniquey in its feel than Get Ready is and we’re all feeling uppy and it sounds uppy”. This sounds completely contrary to earlier reports that their sound was “much more like Joy Division again”. Oh well. The album probably won’t be out till next year.

Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning talks to Billboard about goings-on in the BSS camp, including the follow-up to You Forgot It In People (which had been given a working title of Windsurfing Nation at some point in the distant past) being pushed back to next Spring to accommodate their Lollapalooza touring plans.

The most interesting Stanley Cup final in recent memory kicks off tonight – two young, fast, exciting and low-payroll teams duke it out while the old, trapping big-spender teams (my beloved Leafs included) sit on the sidelines and watch. I truly hope this is the start of a trend and that more teams will buy into the systems that have turned Calgary and Tampa Bay from laughing stocks just a few seasons ago into legitimate champions. Are you paying attention, Leafs management? No, of course you’re not. Idiots. For the record – I’m pulling for Calgary, naturally, but wouldn’t be sad if Tampa and Dave Andreychuk took the Cup.

The passing of the May 2-4 long weekend means two things – one, apparently it’s no longer a fashion faux pas to wear white pants? And two, I’m on Summer hours at work. What this means is that I get up an hour earlier Monday through Thursday to get into work for 8AM, and then I finish at noon on Fridays so I can go home and nap to make up for the four hours of lost sleep from earlier in the week.

np – Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Zuma

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  1. sam says:

    i’m also definitely pulling for Calgary. i wouldn’t mind andreychuk getting the cup but i don’t want Tampa to get it. i hope the Flames crush them on a nightly basis (this will go into the 6-7 game stretch).

  2. Lanny MacDonald says:

    I too hope the Flames pull it out. If Calgary gets into penalty trouble then this could be ugly.