Thursday, May 20th, 2004

Once We Were Trees

Okay, so I hadn’t gone outside for about 27 hours between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon. Apparently, sometime during that time span every tree on my street decided to burst forth into foliage. Seriously. I stepped outside and I thought I had gone through a time warp two months into the future – wonderfully sunny day, glorious shady trees… God bless Springtime. I am feeling better today and am back at work. Freebasing vitamin C can do wonder for a body.

You can get a sneak preview of some new Rilo Kiley material here, with live video performances of the title track from the forthcoming More Adventurous, out in July, and “Emotional”, another new one that may be on the record. Rilo Kiley grace the cover of the new Under The Radar where they talk in-depth about making the history of the band and the new record.

Not content with simply releasing her third solo album Whiskey Tango Ghost on July 27, Tanya Donelly is already making plans for the next record:

“I have a crazy plan for the next album. Gary just opened a small club/studio in VT, and I want to record the next batch of songs there, live and with an audience. Gary wants to meld this with a mini-Rockingham-type thingy. The idea, in it’s infancy at the moment, is to play two recording shows, and then a bigger show with other artists. The days we have in mind are the last Friday and Saturday in August, with the recording shows being Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and the bigger show on Saturday night. This might change in detail, but the dates and concept are pretty much a certainty.”

She also does guests vocals on “Falling” – a track from the new Mission Of Burma record ONoffON.

More music in video format – Nellie McKay wrote some new songs for VH1’s “Best Week Ever” show – which I have no idea what it is (and I’m pretty sure that phrase was a grammatical capital crime – as this one probably is. Okay, cut bait and run). You can see/hear her odes to the the show, William Hung and P-Diddy here. From Stereogum.

Neil Gaiman has graciously posted the entire script to The Sandman 24, or part 3 of “Season Of Mists”. You know, for those of you who prefer to read your comics without the pictures. In script form.

Thanks to the good folks at for sending me a couple samples of their monthly Heavy compilation CDs. I’ve got volumes 22 and 25 and am pretty impressed. Production values are ridiculously good – dig the DVD-style case and fancy artwork – and the music is also tops. I’ve only gone through them a couple times as yet, and nothing has jumped out as contender for ‘new favorite band’ but I don’t doubt that there’s lots of stuff worth investigating. Subscriptions cost you only the cost of postage ($3.33 USD a month), if you’re interested.

Oh hey, did I just sell out?

And finally… GO FLAMES!!!!

np – Centro-Matic / All The Falsest Hearts Can Try

By : Frank Yang at 9:29 am
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  1. Garry says:

    I didn’t sign up to get the Heavy box material cuz you would have to sign up for the whole year. Their compilations are awesome, though.

  2. eugene says:


    I believe the new Paco (This Is Where We Live) came out this week. Have you heard it?

  3. Frank says:

    I have never heard any of the Paco stuff – I’ve never seen any of the Ivy sideproject stuff available up here. I did get a copy of Brookville in Las Vegas and was totally underwhelmed by it. Paco is probably better, but I haven’t hunted it down.