Sunday, May 9th, 2004

Late Greats

It’s easy to talk smack about Rolling Stone – where they were once pretty much the biggest music magazine in the world, now they’re an irrelevant mostly-substanceless fashion magazine. What they do still have, however, is clout, so when they ask musical luminaries to write essays on the fifty greatest artists of all time, they do so. You’ve got Elvis Costello on The Beatles (#1, natch), Bob Dylan by Robbie Robertson and The Band by Lucinda Williams. But Flea on Neil Young? What? Link from Coolfer. finally has details of The Cure’s summer festival tour. Dubbed “Curiosa”, it will feature Interpol, The Rapture and Mogwai on the main stage and Muse, Thursday, Cursive, Auf Der Maur, The Cooper Temple Clause and Head Automatica as rotating acts on the second stage. There’s no Toronto date yet though there is a gap in the schedule between Boston and Detroit that would fit nicely, August 8 through 11, which is pretty much right after Lollapalooza (August 5 and 6) and the Sloan/Sam Roberts Canuck-fest on Olympic Island (August 7). So assuming the Cure hits here on the 8th or so, someone could concievably do all three, but they’d have to be quite, quite mad to try.

Low box set out in July – three discs and a DVD. Details here. From Blogna.

Looks like Arrested Development will be getting the DVD treatment, which is good because I like the show but haven’t managed to see nearly enough episodes to really follow what’s going on. Has this show been officially cancelled by Fox yet? It will be, just wait. From Soaring With Eagles.

np – Steve Earle / Transcendental Blues

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  1. Ben says:

    That was a good feature… predictable choices, but such is life.