Monday, May 24th, 2004

Girls On Film

So I’m standing in the lobby of the Paramount yesterday afternoon, trying to decide – Mean Girls or Kill Bill Vol 2. I was pretty much guaranteed of catfights either way, but decided to go with the lighter fare so the jailbait won out. And it gave me an opportunity to pretend I was for a day and post a pic of Lindsay Lohan.

Comparisons of Mean Girls to benchmark high-school black comedy Heathers are pretty way-off. Heathers was much much darker and more vicious. Mean Girls is much more in line with Clueless, though it does have a fair bit more nastiness. While it does have a goodly amount of fun at the expense of snooty. bitchy teenage girls, it’s careful to keep it all reasonably harmless, light-hearted and PG. No one is getting killed and no schools are getting blown up. Which is okay, I suppose, I personally have no deep-seated need to see pretty blondes get decapitated, but I admit I had been hoping for something a little more pointed. Still, it was pretty good fun though I’m thinking I might be past the age where I can wholly relate to high school movies. Now it’s like, “Kids these days! They didn’t dress like that when I was in school!”. And they didn’t. But I was amused to see the math Olympics thing shot in Convocation Hall down the street at the University of Toronto (I totally forgot that it was filmed here) and that they were using the same calculus textbooks as I used in high school.

And on the topic of girls kicking ass – very disappointing season finale of Alias last night. Hardly any of the ongoing storylines were resolved and considering all the balls they had in the air, their choice of a ‘cliffhanger’ scene was pretty weak. Yeah, we all know that Sydney was born and bred to be a spy by her parents. Blah blah blah. Come on, you can do better than that. I am rather excited that almost all my regular shows have wrapped up for the season, though. Come Tuesday when 24 wraps for the year, I will be free from the oppressive yoke of the boob tube for another four months. Which is good, because it means I can catch up on my DVD watching! Ha.

And on the topic of 24JAM! reviews the past season of 24 and takes a look into the future, and reveals something I didn’t know for next season – it’s not debuting till January (!!!) and will run for 23 weeks uninterrupted till May, the premiere being a two-hour episode. I’ve also heard it’s moving to Monday nights. That’s crazy. They’re messing with the natural order of things. What the hell am I supposed to do till January, and on Tuesday nights for, like, the rest of my life?

Oh, and to backtrack just a bit, this article says that ABC is pulling the same January premiere stunt for Alias. BOOOO. I hope that it will still get to run a full 22 episodes, and doesn’t get stuck with a truncated half-season.

Rummy has a solution for the vexing problem of those pics of prisoner abuses in Iraq – ban cameras. Yeah. Not even worth further comment. Thanks to Gary for sending me the link.

Yeah, I’m posting late. It’s a holiday, cut me some slack.

np – Sigur Ros / Ágætis Byrjun

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  1. sam says:

    24 in january – i knew about the january start date but i didn’t know about the two-hour premiere. very cool. this way we’re ensured a full-on two hour attack on our senses instead of a measly 53 minutes. should be good. i also didn’t know about the monday move. hmm. weird. if nbc keeps scrubs on tuesdays at 9:30 i’m not pissed, then.

  2. RSL says:

    what holiday is today?

  3. Paul says:

    NBC’s keeping Scrubs on Tuesdays at 9:30 as of now, so no reason to be pissed. Of course, things could have changed drastically by January ’05.

  4. sam says:

    today’s Victoria Day in canada. this one crept up on us fast.

  5. mike says:

    sam: I’m assuming that you mis-spelled your blog address in the second comment above, because it brings up a Spanish-language blog. :-)

  6. christina says:

    re: 24

    there are supposedly going to be three 2-hr eps (including the season premiere) b/c of the late start…or so i’ve heard, anyway.

  7. sam says:

    mike: lol. damn. you’re right. what are the chances of having blogs with the url as yours minus a random letter? :)

    christina: that would be cool. the finale would be a 2-hour deal. and then one at mid-season, i’d say.