Friday, April 16th, 2004

You're In The Movies Now And I'm In Your Cartoon.

24 fans may want to swing by their local funny papers show on Free Comic Book Day this July 3rd to pick up a preview of 24: One Shot, an officially licensed comic-book detailing Jack Bauer’s first day at CTU, being put out by IDW Publising. There’s no way to make sure you take an entire day to read the thing (it is 48 pages after all – you’d have to read pretty damn slow) nor is there any guarantee it won’t suck, but it’s an interesting idea and the artwork looks nice, so… The full version will be coming out later on July 30. Comic Book Resources talks to the creators about the genesis of the project.

Another day, another Wilco nugget – the press release for A Ghost Is Born has some interesting info about the making of the album, the themes on the record and the thinking behind the current lineup of the band. Note – it’s a PDF so you better have Adobe Acrobat installed.

I have my Pixies tickets for the Arrow Hall show. Now I have seven months to figure out exactly how I’m going to get up to the airport and back in November. But to whet my appetite, JAM has a review of Wednesday night’s show in Winnipeg. Verdict? GOOD. Apparently bootlegs of the show are already circulating online. I’m shocked.

The Punisher is getting some truly heinous reviews. Dolph Lundgren must be feeling pretty vindicated right now. “It wasn’t me, it was the material!”

I got myself a DVD-RW drive last night – easiest new hardware install ever. No software (besides installing Nero to burn) and within 15 minutes I was clearing crap off my hard drive in 4.5 GB increments. I went with the DVD burner instead of a new hard drive because realistically, I shouldn’t ever need immediate access to more than the 100GB of storage I already have. And now I can pirate movies! Ahhrrrr. Nuts to that set painter guy in the PSA before the trailers. Nuts, I say.

np – Steve Earle / Sidetracks

By : Frank Yang at 9:31 am
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  1. Paul says:

    Damn you, Frank. Now I have that Soul Asylum song stuck in my head…

  2. Ryan Waddell says:

    Also, nuts to that guy that does the stunt work and almost gets blown up every day. You know you love the explosions, bitch, otherwise you’d be working at Safeway.