Saturday, April 17th, 2004

When The Red King Comes

Chart talks to Elf Power about Walking With The Beggar Boys and the decision to release it themselves. They’ve also redone their website – very nice. EP will be in Toronto on Monday with Tobin Sprout, you can’t imagine how much I’m looking forward to this show. I don’t have the new album yet, but reviews have been decent and I will be picking it up at the show. I haven’t heard anything Tobin has done since Let’s Welcome The Circus People, but apparently he’s promised to play everything he ever wrote for Guided By Voices on this tour – Inestimable pop goodness will abound. Hamiltonians can catch both Tobin and Elf Power on Sunday at the Casbah – don’t miss it.

Longwave’s Life Of The Party EP, out June 8, will feature new songs and videos to keep the fans satiated until they finish working on their new album with producer John Leckie, slated for release early next year.

I think I watched like a dozen episodes of Sports Night last night. Damn, this show was so good. I’m not surprised it went off the air though – Ted McGinley is broadcast death, everyone knows that.

Know what’s weird? Any Blogspot pages I try to read I have to refresh at least once, the first time it loads there’s inevitable loads of code gibberish about one screen down. What’s up with that? Anyone else getting that? Weird.

np – The Jayhawks / Rainy Day Music

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  1. Five Seventeen says:

    I don’t know about Blogspot, but I’m getting SERIOUS problems trying to load your first page.

    Though everything loads up fine on the comments page…