Wednesday, April 21st, 2004

Seven And Seven Is

You’ll note that I’ve refrained from almost all hockey commentary over the past week and a half, despite the first round of the playoffs being the top story (deservedly or not) in all the local media. That’s because I know better. Having had the (mis)fortune to be born a Leafs fan, I’ve had a lot of practice having my hopes raised and then dashed on the pointy rocks come playoff time. For that reason, I’ve been following the Buds with a great deal of reservation – the last few years, they’ve shown a great knack for looking disinterested when there’s the most on the line, or otherwise just choking. Well after six games of barely showing up, the Leafs finally decided to play some hockey and beat the Sens handily in game 7, the first game I would say that we deserved to win (Eddie excepted, he’s been sensational). But my favorite thing about the win was the fact that I got to call my old buddy Jim and gloat for the fourth time in five years. You’d think he’d have learned to take his phone off the hook when the Sens get eliminated by the Leafs by now. I can now exit these playoffs happy… unless of course we meet the Habs in the conference final and there’s an opportunity for a second gloating phone call. Oh ho. Philly will be no easy task, but if last night was a sign that the Leafs are finally waking up in these playoffs and we can get Nolan and Sundin back, I’m thinking it’s going to at least be a good series and maybe even one that goes our way. All I ask is that we don’t embarrass ourselves. Not too much to hope for?

I told you she’d be back. Didn’t I say she’d be back? Nellie McKay will be at Lee’s Palace on June 30, tickets $15.50 on sale Thursday. Her live shows come highly recommended by my boss. Really.

The BBC lists their finalists for the greatest opening song lines in history. From the Global Pop Conspiracy.

Going to be on MTV’s Cribs anytime soon? The good people at Rock N Roll Confidential have some helpful tips to make sure you have the lingo down and don’t embaress yourself.

Today’s Doonesbury tackles the topic of casualites in Iraq head on – long-time (36 years!) character DB, stationed in Iraq, loses his helmet as well as his left leg. The Guardian talks to Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau about his decision to write this storyline. And it’s probably just coincidence, but Get Fuzzy is running a similar plot this week. Sad to think that these will probably be the first appearance of US casualties in some newspapers, and a number of editors are more concerned with the fact that DB says, “Son of a bitch” in an upcoming strip than the message that it’s trying to convey.

24: I swear to God, they have a syphillitic monkey writing Chloe’s dialogue. And it’s about time they got Kim taken hostage again – It’s been at least five or six hours since she’s been kidnapped. I actually thought for sure that there’d be a mountain lion hiding in the library stacks, waiting for Kim… okay, more hoped than thought. That would have been some fine television. That whole sequence was awful predictable though – putting red herring guy in a red shirt? Come on. I don’t know how I feel about their attempts to track the virus at CTU – looked a helluva lot like the SARS nonsense from last year in these parts. Last night’s ep was a bit of a holding pattern, but I guess they needed to catch their breath after last week.

np – J Mascis & The Fog / Free So Free

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  1. Five Seventeen says:

    Really? I thought last nights episode was the best yet. Elisha Cuthbert was almost acting for a second there. Perhaps her new movie did her good?

    And I still like the annoyingness of Chloe. I find it adds a bit of humour, it’s like taking a character from The Office and putting them in CTU.

    Actually… maybe next season Ricky Gervais can be the new head of CTU. aka vis a vis "the boss."

  2. Frank says:

    generating a single tear when your TV dad yells at you does not acting make. But yeah, she was a little better than usual which isn’t saying much.

    There is nothing funny about Chloe. Nothing.

    Ricky Gervais was already on Alias this season.

  3. wy says:

    if you do get a chance to call jim again frank, could you keep it a little shorter this time. i kept trying to call him last night but his line was always busy. i had to call him at work this morning which isn’t nearly as satisfying as calling when the wound is still fresh.

  4. Neil says:

    I don’t know, seems to me being born a leafs fan isn’t half as painful as being born a Vancouver one.

  5. sam says:

    pardon me while i avoid the 24 talk for a few hours. have yet to watch the episode.


    i would love habs-leafs conference final!

    in the meantime both teams have their work cut out for them. good luck trying to live through the coming week.

  6. James says:

    Yeah, like any student would be in the university library at 7:30AM. Also, is already registered by a member of the ’24’ production team. Unless they meant, which redirects to a phentermine site…

  7. sam says:

    just watched the episode. most boring. ever. okay. maybe we’ve got contenders in the previous episodes. i mean, this season has been good for this.

    kim gets kidnapped again. wow.

    a cougar would’ve livened things up, though. and i was really wishing the guy would shoot kim. seriously. i thought this was it for her. damn!

    here’s hoping the next five are more like last week’s, though. probably are. i mean, they can’t end a season this lamely, can they? no. i still have faith.

  8. Pete says:

    As much as the show didn’t have the intesity compared to the hr previous to that, it was still very watchable in any aspect. I like that fact that Jack is now trying to stir the pot a bit against Saunders, should make for another interesting angle…almost like he did in season 2 with Syed Ali…TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS! I hope this works too.

  9. sirius black says:

    So you guys must be from aus? if i ever go onto an american 24 chat thing they talk about stuff that is happening 6 episodes further in… i found out that jack kills ryan chapel before even the salazars were dead..

  10. Frank says:

    nope, Canadian. And this post is two months old, so…