Wednesday, April 14th, 2004

Play For Today

People whose wardrobe consist entirely of black rejoice – The Cure are going on tour this summer with a bunch of their dewy-eyed (or is that mascara-eyed?) followers in tow. Consider it an Ozzfest for the kids that the people who go to Ozzfest beat up at recess. Fansite Chain Of Flowers implies that Interpol and The Rapture have confirmed and there’ll be more bands to follow. North American dates in July/August. The Cure will be shilling a new studio album out in June as well as the release of their entire remastered catalog (the first four out on May 25), while Interpol should have their sophomore album out in September and The Rapture — well, I don’t really care about The Rapture, so I don’t know what they’re up to.

Runaway Jury is actually the first John Grisham movie I’ve ever seen, which is remarkable since there’s, like, five million of them, aren’t there? When this came out, I remember all the hubbub about this being the first film starring Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman – while both fine actors, this was never something that struck me as a dream pairing or something, not like DeNiro and Pacino in Heat. Now Samuel L Jackson and Laurence Fishburne, that’d be interesting. I’m still not convinced they’re not the same guy. Their one scene together – in a washroom, no less – was decent but wasn’t all that, y’know. It’s not a watershed performance for either actor, their parts are pretty standard aw-shucks good ‘ol boy and cackling, hand-rubbing nastyman archetypes and they could have phoned them in. The movie itself was alright – decent enough mainstream thriller fare, though fairly predictable and I was disappointed with the headfirst dive into the deep end of the schmaltz pool in the last act. Not to sound like a cynical bastard, but I preferred it when everything was morally ambiguous. A decent enough way to while away the 24-less evening, anyway.

I also got my set of Sports Night DVDs just two days after ordering – now that’s service. I only caught a few episodes towards the end of the show’s all-too-brief first run, so most of this is all new to me. Coming to it as a fan of The West Wing, it’s interesting to see a younger Aaron Sorkin at work – it’s obviously his hand guiding things, but it’s definitely rawer and less refined, though I’m only three episodes in so far. Some random thoughts – I knew I’d seen Peter Krause before Six Feet Under, he plays co-anchor Casey McCall. Robert Guillaume’s Isaac Jaffe certainly has more than a little in common with Martin Sheen’s Josiah Bartlett – Sorkin does like to keep a tough but wise father figure around his ensembles and have them portrayed by heavyweight actors. Sabrina Lloyd is just too cute and the fact that her character falls for the uber-geek Joshua Malina certainly makes her more endearing… I said it before and I’ll say it again – TV shows on DVD are the best thing since… something really really good. Like Nutella.

Wanna know what consitutes a productive morning? Rewiring the phone jacks in my apartment between packing lunch and having breakfast. I think I’m now able to cancel a service call scheduled for Friday evening and save about $100. Yay me.

np – Pernice Brothers / The World Won’t End

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  1. Gary Campbell says:

    woo hoo! new Interpol record!

  2. information leafblower says:

    Sports NIght = SO Best Evs. Loooooved that show. Have you watched the episode where the other anchor, not Casey, (Dan?) has to go on air and apologize for saying in a magazine article that he had taken drugs in the past? Man, that was about the best 30 minutes of TV I have ever seen. The writing on that show was superb.

  3. Five Seventeen says:

    "Consider it an Ozzfest for the kids that the people who go to Ozzfest beat up at recess."

    that’s hilarious… I had to stongly suppress the urge to laugh out loud.

  4. mishie says:

    have i died and gone to heaven? THE CURE + INTERPOL….*screams in delight*

    thanks for the info. reliable though, yes? so i can tell all my friends ?

  5. Frank says:

    I *think* it’s reliable – Chain Of Flowers is a pretty major Cure fansite, and I’ve been hearing rumours of the Cure/Interpol summer tour for a couple months now. Everything seems to make sense.

  6. I Mean, Really says:

    If you died and went to heaven, do you really think you’d see the Cure and Interpol there?

  7. RSL says:

    you guys should really check out the freaks and geeks dvd. completely worth every penny and chockful of both believeable teenage drama and hysterical comedic interplay. i’m still savoring my way through the first runthrough the set. [and i totally have been meaning to get the sports night set too.]

  8. Frank says:

    I dunno, I don’t want to give Five ‘Freaks And Geeks is the best TV show ever’ Seventeen the satisfaction…

    I never saw an episode of that show. I think it was on when I was in school with no cable.

  9. Carla says:

    So I guess you won’t want to give me the satisfaction either, huh? For the record, the ultra-special edition Five Seventeen and I both have is currently being touted as the best DVD boxset ever created to date.

  10. RSL says:

    y’all got the bigboy yearbook edition? i wish i were special. but i’m a… person with only the store-bought version [though i got the initial email about the yearbook too, so nya!]