Thursday, April 22nd, 2004

Dandelions In Bullet Holes

Sarah Harmer nabs the cover story in this week’s NOW. “Growing up, I was a tomboy girl. Stamina was hot. ‘I can carry that shit. I can drink as many beers as you.'”. How can you not love this woman? Sarah plays the Winter Garden Theatre this coming Monday and Tuesday with Hayden opening. I will be there on the Monday night, sixth row!

NOW also has a gushing review of the Tobin Sprout/Elf Power show from Monday. They list the attendance at 110 – that seems a little generous from my POV, but I never learned to count so I could be wrong.

Just when you think Liz Phair can’t make any worse career moves, she surprises us once again. Witness the odiously-named “Chicks With Attitude” Tour. Sponsored by Maybelline. I’m disappointed that Nina Persson (solo) has been hornswaggled into participating. Nina dear, you’re better than this. As for the rest of the bill, Katy Rose and Charlotte Martin are… who exactly? Yeah, despite the undeniable eye candy value, this one is definitely bad buzz. From Retrobuzz.

The Cure’s new album, the first since 2000’s Bloodflowers, will be out June 22. Festival tours to follow, conceivably also sponsored by Maybelline. The only date for Curefest confirmed so far is July 24 in that hotbed of Cure fanaticism, West Palm Beach, FL – besides Interpol and The Rapture, it looks like Mogwai are now taking part in the festivities, with yet more bands to be announced.

So something that came out of the Minus 5 story in Harp is that while opening for Wilco at one of the last shows at Lounge Ax in January 2000, the Minus 5 did a cover of Neutral Milk Hotel’s “King Of Carrot Flowers” with Jeff Tweedy and Scott McCaughey sharing vocal duties. Does anyone know if recordings of this exist, and if so, how/where to get it? I would very much like to get a copy…’

Ending no small amount of speculation, Fox has confirmed that 24 is coming back for a fourth season. No word on whether or not Keifer will be back as Jack Bauer, or if a days of horrors and indignities will be rained on someone else instead. I think they’re grooming Kim to take the lead – they’ve already established her amazing espionage skills and willingness to shoot anyone and everyone. I think she’s racked up a higher body count than Tony by now.

Now you too can go back in time, save Doc Brown and make out with your mom! Praise eBay.

np – Bob Dylan / Blood On The Tracks

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