Friday, March 19th, 2004

Yeah! Oh Yeah!

Leaky McLeakerson, AKA Said The Gramophone, has his second big-time scoop in a week. This time, he has a track from the new Magnetic Fields album up on his site for download. That’s a weird phrase, isn’t it? “Up for download”? Grab “I Don’t Really Love You Anymore” here. Classic Magnetic Fields. i is in stores May 4 and on Soulseek, uh, now. Leaked Wilco and Magnetic Fields in 72 hours – Nonesuch must love this guy.

The full listings for the CBC Radio 3’s “Connect The Dots” tour this May are out. There’s two dates at the Drake Hotel – May 7 will feature Young and Sexy, The Russian Futurists, P:ano and Ninja Highschool, and May 8 showcases The Unicorns, controller.controller, Lederhosen Lucil and I Am Robot and Proud. In addition to the music, there will be a photography exhibition on the tour featuring some of Canada’s best photographers. Don’t forget that this week’s issue has a feature on Sarah Harmer including six live radio session tracks.

This is interesting. The Rub recounts how Mission Of Burma, instigated by a savage Pitchfork review, have blocked the release of Accomplished, a ‘best of’ assembled by Rykodisc and was scheduled to be released this past Tuesday. The band will be assembling their own compilation and be putting out in the Fall. I’m a little sad that the Catalog Sampler I own, which was identical to the aborted Accomplished, is so reviled by the band. I rather like having most of the tracks from the Signals, Calls and Marches EP along with a few of the Horrible Truth live tracks…

A smattering of news from the Rilo Kiley camp. The new album is schedule for a July release on Saddle Creek and will feature mostly Jenny Lewis material – Blake Sennett contributes only one song. Some of the songs on the album will be “Absence of God”, “Love and War” and “Baby I’m Bad News”.

Citizen Erased has a live Ride show from 1992 in Brixton available for download. Go to the ‘Listen’ section of their website. Link from Largehearted Boy.

Free Comic Book Day 2004 has been scheduled for July 3, 2004, in order to coincide with the release of Spider-Man 2. The concept is simple – you go to comic book stores, they give you free comics. Everybody wins.

np – Wilco / The Complete Singles

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