Wednesday, March 10th, 2004

What The Pillar Of Salt Held Up

I got my copy of American Music Club’s 1984-1995 retrospective in the mail yesterday. It functions well as a ‘Rough Guide to AMC’, combining album tracks with rarities and demos – it’s also nice to hear the selections from California remasterd and sonically up to snuff with the rest of their catalog. Brad asked me recently how a reunited AMC would sound different from Mark Eitzel’s solo material, and I think (hope) that working with his old compatriots will rekindle some of the fire (piss and vinegar?) that Etizel’s AMC material had that his solo stuff has been somewhat lacking. Give a listen to “Ladies And Gentlemen, It’s Time”, one of the new AMC tracks and see what you think. The new AMC album, You Better Watch What You Say, is supposed to be out this Spring. Don’t know who’s putting it out though – apparently Matador passed on it? For shame.

Further on the AMC tip – Come On Beautiful is a pretty cool tribute album to Eitzel and company featuring Lambchop, Calexico and Portastatic, among others. The website for the album has nice writeups on each song by the artist covering it. They say you can buy it at the Merge Records website, but they didn’t have it so I ordered it from GERMANY for a cool $10 US. Not bad.

Tanya Donelly’s third solo album will be entitled Whiskey Tango Ghosts and be out on 4AD in June.

To celebrate their 15th anniversary, Merge Records will be putting out a triple-CD compilation of classic and rare/unreleased tracks from throughout their illustrious history. Their roster has had some pretty amazing acts on it through the years, so this one should be good… if they don’t mess it up like Matador did on their 10th anniversary comp Everything Is Nice. I don’t know how they did it, but somehow Matador managed to compile three discs of material that I really had no interest in hearing. Amazing. From

Wow, I’m just giving Matador static today. Don’t worry – I still love you.

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