Sunday, March 14th, 2004

The State That I Am In

I’m not sure what exactly prompted me to rent David Mamet’s State and Main this weekend – I think we were talking movies at work recently and someone mentioned it and it stuck in my cranium. Then yesterday I was at Queen Video looking for something to offset the weightiness of my other selection (From Hell, if you were wondering) and it just popped into my head, so I grabbed it. It’s an ensemble comedy about a movie crew trying to shoot a film in a small Vermont town with the predictable Hollywood-types vs local-yokels schtick, but it’s well-written and pretty clever – sometimes too much so. But the formidable cast (Alec Baldwin, Sarah Jessica Parker, William H Macy, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Julia Stiles, David Paymer) does a good enough job with their parts and it was a pretty enjoyable watch. And who’d have ever thought they’d see Hoffman in a non-creep romantic lead?

This weekend has been pretty nuts for me buying scads of DVDs and CDs – besides getting an order from delivered, the used CD shops in my area were well-stocked for a change. A good thing that all the time spent not shopping has been dedicated to working, so as to afford my indulgences. A run-down of my acquisitions for past couple days, keeping in mind I haven’t had a chance to really give any of them a close listen yet so impressions are very preliminary:

  • Centro-Matic / Distance And Clime – More fuzzed-out rootsy rock from Austin, this one’s less focused than last year’s Love You Just The Same but still very good.

  • various artists / Wig In A Box: Songs From and Inspired by Hedwig & The Angry Inch – As I said yesterday, surprisingly good. Really, the only track that I haven’t taken to is Bob Mould’s “Nailed”, and that’s mostly because it’s done in his Loudbomb/Modulate electronic persona. Now I want to see the movie again.

  • Laura Cantrell / When The Roses Bloom Again – I already talked about discovering Laura Cantrell through mp3s a few weeks ago, and I’m happy to say that she’s even better over an entire album.

  • Belle & Sebastian / Fans Only DVD – A really nice package, and doing well to remind me of why I loved this band so in the first place.

  • Hawaii / Hawaii – Local dream-pop/rock band whom I’ve seen live before and piqued my interest. The album is pretty all over the place, stylistically, and it’s going to take some more listens before I can really comment. It’s a little heavier than I was expecting.

  • Preston School Of Industry / Monsoon – Haven’t listened to this one yet at all. But it’s Spiral Stairs, so I’ve a pretty good idea of what to expect.

  • Songs: Ohia / The Magnolia Electric Co. – Long-standing presence on my “haven’t heard but sounds like something I’d like” list, and as it spins right now, I think I’m right. Update: Looks like somone has hacked the Songs: Ohia website – Brasilians for Osama Bin Laden? Weird.

  • The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring Extended Edition DVD – Yeah, I’ve seen it a few times already but it’s nice to have, y’know.

I’ve also got the Director’s Label The Complete Works Of Spike Jonze on loan from 517, and that’s going to take a while to get through. The man truly made some brilliant videos, and Sofia Coppola as a gymnast in the Chemical Brothers’ “Electrobank” vid is too cute. Watch the vid here.

I am all awash in media.

np – Songs: Ohia / The Magnolia Electric Co.

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  1. Carla says:

    On a completely opposite note, while I was not totally bowled over by Wig In A Box, Bob Mould’s "Nailed" was one of the tracks I enjoyed the most. That and the Polyphonic Spree’s rendition of the title track, of course.

    Do you have your ticket to see PSOI yet?

  2. RSL says:

    the spike video is good… but you should REALLY check out the gondry collection. effin’ fantastic. i can watch most all the videos three times in a row just marvelling at the imagery and how well he can interpret rhythm and general feels and moods of the tracks. plus his short film with david cross is friggin’ hysterical!

  3. Frank says:

    I do indeed have my PSOI ticket!

    I really want to see the Michel Gondry one – the trailer on the Jonze DVD was really enticing. And the Chris Cunningham one scared the snot out of me.

  4. Carla says:

    Yeah I keep meaning to pick up the Michael Gondry one. Almost did yesterday at Soundscapes but I had already put a considerable dent in the finances by then.

  5. derek says:

    dude – songs:ohia is my current favourite album. I listened to it while walking through the hills of sarajevo :) Also good and along those lines is Pinback, who sounds reminiscent of Sean Lennon, but is altogether better imho :)