Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004

Someone Else's Song

Traffic to my site has gone up by something on the order of 100000% (give or take an order of magnitude) due to Google hits from people looking for the leaked A Ghost Is Born, and by simply typing those words right there, I’ve probably ensured that I’ll be getting twice as much traffic on the topic henceforth. I will refrain from chastising the lot of you for trying to download the record and give you the benefit of the doubt that you’d rush out and buy the record on June 8 to support the artist, so deserving of your hard-earned dollars. Anyway, while you won’t now, nor in the future, find the album to download here, I can give you this – word is that Wilco will be streaming the album off their website starting April 1.

This isn’t unprecedented – they made Yankee Hotel Foxtrot available to stream some eight or nine months prior to its release last time around. Of course, they were label-less at the time and no higher power was going to slap their wrists… Regardless, if true then everyone – even me – can bask in the glory of the new record in the week or so with a clear conscience. If you’re the sort to be bothered by your conscience on these matters, that is. In any case, if there will indeed be streamy Wilco goodness next month, I’ll let you know. And if it’s just a cruel April Fool’s joke, then I will weep along with you. And keep in mind, this has your standard ‘guy who knows a guy who knows a guy’ level of credibility, but what’s the internet for if not the spreading of totally unsubstantiated gossip?

I tried celebrating the release of Sarah Harmer’s new album a couple weeks ago but was foiled by the fact that it wasn’t actually released. So I’ll try again this week – All Of Our Names is out today, and to commemorate the event, a rare Weeping Tile tune. “South Of Me” was the first single from their sophomore (and final) record Valentino, and as is sometimes the fashion, they recorded a French version for the Quebec market, which I’m posting for your cross-cultural edification. It’s taken from a Warner Bros radio-only promo sampler. Also, a piece on the new record from JAM!. And Claire – if you think my obsession with Ms Harmer is unhealthy now, just wait until she’s in town next month! It’ll be stalker-iffic! Hahahahahaha… Oh man, they’re totally going to use that against me in court.

Weeping Tile – “Au Sud De Moi”

Ricky Brennan Jr of Wheat has started a blog for the band. Ricky’s been really good about keeping the mailing list informed as to Wheat happenings so hopefully he’ll update regularly. And offer some dirt on what it’s really like on the road with Liz Phair.

Good news – The New Year will be touring in June and July to support The End Is Near, out May 18. Bad news – they’re not coming to Toronto, and I know it’s not for lack of trying on the part of local promoters. Boo.

Two of the most quoted yet reviled voices of our time square off… Pitchfork interviews Ryan Adams. Interesting if for the sole fact that neither is nearly as asshole as they normally are, as though each is afraid of being the pot calling the kettle black. It’s almost surreal.

And speaking of the ‘Fork, they’ve got some details about a My Bloody Valentine box set which isn’t the mother lode the faitful are hoping for. Instead, you get four EPs from just before and just after Isn’t Anything – remastered, natch – and a second disc of unreleased material. I’ve already got about half the stuff on offer so it’s not sending me over the moon, but it’s promising that anything at all is happening on the MBV release front.

Batman Begins has a website. Just a teaser right now, but a good one.

Dawn Of The Dead beat out The Passion for top spot at the box office this weekend. I can’t remember the last time two films about dudes who come back from the dead squared off at the theatres. Freddy Vs Jason? I guess the zombies won out on account of their willingness to eat brains. Jesus just isn’t willing to do what it takes to win.

np – Old 97’s / Satellite Rides

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  1. david says:

    I’m listening to the new Wilco now… pretty good stuff, a return to pre-YHF form, I think. Drop me a line if you need it, Frank.

  2. Rannie says:

    Must run out and get the new Sarah Harmer Album…

    So excited