Wednesday, March 31st, 2004

Oh My Golly!

Yeah, late update today. I do have a job, you know.

A sneak preview of the Pixies reunion? Check out this Quicktime video of Joey Santiago jamming “Gigantic” with the Breeders. The sound and video quality is a bit crap, but they certainly look like they’re having fun. How much fun would it have been to have been at that gig? From Bradley’s Almanac, freshely returned from his adventures in Britain. In the meantime, Reuters has an interview with the band’s agent about the Spring warm-up tour, the Summer European tour and the Fall North American tour.

4AD has rescheduled Rachel Goswell’s debut EP The Sleep Shelter for May 10, and it will be available as a digital download the same day. The album, Waves Are Universal, is to follow later this summer.

The French Kicks are at the Horsehshoe May 27, On The Speakers (ex-Creeper Lagoon) support.

M Ward is opening for My Morning Jacket May 28 at the Opera House.

The website and schedule for the Over The Top Festival are now live. It runs over the last weekend in April and features a broad range of acts. I’m personally looking at Sneaky Dee’s on the 30th (Volcano, I’m Still Excited, The Besnard Lakes, Masters and Moderns).

After going through an experience seemed as painful as pulling teeth to secure an interview with Cerebus’ Dave Sim, The Onion brings you the interview proper, an experience which reads to have been as painful as having those previously pulled teeth ground up into a lumpy paste and injected intravenously while a class of second-graders makes disparaging comments about your complexion and throw dodgeballs at you.

24 finally came back this week – all new episodes till the end of the season. Things are finally getting better all around, at least. Jack has yet another bad guy blow up in front of him, Michelle finally gets to cap a civilian, Gael has a nosebleed and Palmer remembers why he divorced Sherry in the first place. “Oh yeah, she’s a psycho hose beast”. Sorry, Wayne’s World was also on. A pity Kim didn’t get to do anything stupid, but I’m sure she’ll get the opportunity. I’m a little disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be a long history between Jack and the Big Bad this season – if there was, I’d think that he’d recognize the voice or something. Same goes for the president. Things are so much jucier when they’re personal. This dude better have some good demands… like bringing lesbian assassin Mandy back into the mix! Mandy! Mandy!

np – various artists / Come On Beautiful: The Songs Of American Music Club

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  1. kyle says:

    24 – Probably my favourite episode of the season. Even when I’d lost faith in the show yet again: "Why would Jack chain him to such a pathetic set of pipes", we discovered it was all part of his master plan.

    Hopefully a sign of things to come.

  2. sam says:

    the bad guy must be someone jack did something to a some point. i mean, alvers(?) said he knew jack well (and the other way around?) so if jack doesn’t recognize his voice, then he worked against him.

  3. Pete says:

    this is what the show is supposed to be about, the intensity, racing against time, every single second mattered. Michelle was awsome above everyone else. Keep fighting the good fight.