Monday, March 15th, 2004


Now I will say I really enjoyed the premiere of Wonderfalls on Friday, but have a slight nit to pick with the producers. While the show is ostensibly set in Niagara Falls, NY (I infer from the use of American currency in the show and the fact that Fox would NEVER set a show in Canada), the location shots are most definitely from the Ontario side of the Falls – that is, the side where there’s actually something to look at. From the American side, it’s just “hey look at all the water — oops, it’s gone, where did it go? Let’s go find a factory outlet mall and buy discount socks.” Not very compelling. But at least lead actress Caroline Dhavernas is unarguably Canadian (Quebecois, no less). Anyway, apparently the ratings for the premiere weren’t outstanding so as with most quality shows, it probably won’t last long. It is repeating this Thursday with the second episode on Friday, so catch it, as the Dutch say, while you can. As a bonus, Andy Partridge of XTC does the theme song. There’s even a video on the show’s website. As for XTC themselves, their new album Music To Help You Breathe More Easily is supposed to be out sometime this year on Caroline Records. Hmm, Caroline Records? Caroline Dhavernas? Coincidence? I think so.

Carl Newman, chief songwriter for The New Pornographers, has a solo project coming out in June on June 8 on Matador under the name of A.C. Newman. The album is called The Slow Wonder and you can grab an mp3 of the first single, “Drink To Me Babe Then”, here.

Looking for more Franz Ferdinand than you can shake a stick at? This site will hook you up. Link from Stereogum.

Thanks to Garry for reminding me what a kick-ass site CBC Radio 3 has. Every week there’s a new issue with great articles, music, interviews, all done uber-slick-like. Next week’s issue (Mar 19) will feature a Sarah Harmer radio session, and you can go digging through the last 2 years’ worth of archives for more great stuff. My tax dollars at work, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Guitarist catches up with Evan Dando, but alas, doesn’t find out what kind of strings he uses.

Sex advice from Liz Phair, Vol. 2

The Microphones are in town June 11. Venue TBA.

Everyone who bought tickets for the Winnipeg show of the Pixies reunion tour hoping to have bragging rights about being the first to see the band in a decade can thank the people of the Twin Cities for robbing them of that honour – the tour now kicks off the day before in Minneapolis. Once again, Manitoba is trumped by Minnesota. A time-old tale, I tells ya.

np – Preston School Of Industry / Monsoon

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  1. Brandon says:

    Re: Nonsuch


    I also read that Pitchfork News article on Wilco today and Nonsuch stuck out at me like a sore thumb. Hooray for pedants.

  2. Garry says:

    CBCr3 has gotta be one of the best sites out there. They’re linked with and, all owned by the CBC. So they all share their stuff.

  3. Victor Ng says:

    nice link effect frank.