Thursday, March 25th, 2004

Maybe All I Need Is A Shot In The Arm

As I said before, I don’t have the new Wilco album for you to listen to, but I do have the cover art for you to look at. So pretend you’re outside a record store with your nose pressed up against the window. It’s just like that. Trés élégant, non? I was hoping to see the boys decked out in Ghostbusters garb or something, but alas. Someone photoshop up me an alternate cover with Jeff Tweedy as Peter Venkman, s’il vous plait?

Update: Five Seventeen delivers. Check it out. I think we need to put the rest of the band in as well. Sigourney, however, can stay.

Concerts! This first one I’m very excited about – The Cardigans are at Lee’s Palace May 13. They haven’t been in town for many a year, and even longer since they’ve been in such a small venue, if ever. What a lovely late birthday present for me. Swedes! My Morning Jacket are at the Opera House May 28 (tickets $20), and Muse are at the Mod Club May 19. I actually don’t care so much about Muse, which is to say I don’t care at all, but that info might be of interest to someone.

After her show at the ElMo tonight, Nellie McKay will be hanging around the city for another day to do an in-store performance and signing at Sam’s on Yonge St. I’d like to go, but alas the 4:30 start time doesn’t gel to well with my work hours. Here’s a piece on Nellie from JAM!.

eye has a quick Q&A with The Decemberists, who are at the Horseshoe this Monday.

Old Enough To Know Better is Merge Records’ 15th anniversary triple-CD compilation. Click here to see the tracklisting.

Paco, the side project of Ivy’s Andy Chase and Dominique Durand, have completed a new record. This Is Where We Live will be out May 18 on Chase’s own Unfiltered Records label.

Guelph cartoonist Seth is designing The Complete Peanuts, which will compile every strip Charles Schulz ever drew into a 25-volume set spread out over 12 years. eye talked to Seth about the work and the sociological evolution of the strip. I think.

The show last night went pretty well – certainly a decent crowd for a wet Wednesday night. It turned out to be a pretty solid night of music, too. Mnemosyne opened things off with some fine instrumental shoegaze/space rock, then we were up next. With a couple hiccups, we played pretty well, I thought, though the tightness and confidence of a band that plays out more than once every five months still eludes us. Apparently we were too quiet, which is odd because it sounded pretty damn loud onstage. Anyway. Friday Morning’s Regret came out after us and impressed me again with their polished set of country-rocking tunes. Their time spent touring out west has really made them a solid live act and the vocal harmonies were particularly impressive. I really enjoyed the opportunity to play with them. I missed League Champs’ set on account of having to haul all the gear back to the rehearsal space, so I can’t comment on the finale of the evening, but I like to think that everyone who came out had a good time and heard some good music. Many thanks to Garry for taking these pics of our set.

The biggest problem with shows on weeknights isn’t getting people out, it’s the morning after at work. Even though it was an early night, relatively speaking, I am still completely spent. When that adrenaline kick wears off, I crash pretty hard, I guess. I hope I can get some energy back in time for Ted Leo tonight – write me a prescription for rock.

np – Jale / So Wound

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  1. Five Seventeen says:

    your wish is my command. check your mailbox.

  2. Gary Campbell says:

    Too quiet..? Hmmm. I remember thinking after the show that the sound was "just right" for the size of the crowd and the venue. In fact, one of the better mixing of levels (guitar/bass/drums/keys/vocals) I’ve seen at a show recently. Certainly better than the Delagados on Monday night!!

  3. jen says:

    i was going to come see you but alas, i had to train for this stupid marathon in May. i miss going to concerts, inhaling smoke, and drinking beer.


    i looked at the pictures though…ummm…i noticed that you guys look kinda bored in them?!

  4. Frank says:

    Bored? Nah, just kinda stiff. Not playing out enough makes one more nervous than usual when the occasion does arise.

  5. Five Seventeen says:

    The rest of the band!! Sheesh, no way. Small indulgences only.

    I listened to the recordings and I think the levels were pretty good.

    Some MP3 will make it’s way somewhere, perhaps it’ll wait until Frank and I finish up the new website design, perhaps it’ll be before that.

  6. clayocifer says:

    you can thank Tod, soundman extrodinaire for the good mix. He toured with us (Beneath Augusta/A Nothern Chorus) in the UK and did our sound every night and it killed whoever we were playing with.

    Yay tod.

  7. Garry says:

    Mr. Five Seventeen, post the mp3’s!