Tuesday, March 9th, 2004


Stylus loves the 90s, and is going to spend all week telling you why. Everything from Quantum Leap to Super Mario Bros 3 to Kids In The Hall, it’s a good thing they’re spreading it out over five days – it’s a little too much adolescent nostalgia for me to handle in one dose. The 90s are the new 80s.

Chart has a wee chat with Franz Ferdinand. Their debut album is out in North America to-day.

But what isn’t out today, or at least by all indication, is Sarah Harmer’s All Of Our Names. Looks like it’s the 23rd… but that won’t stop me from swinging by the record store tonight to make sure. Sarah has a new journal entry up on her website, though. As I mentioned before, tickets for the April 26 show at the Winter Garden Theatre go on sale this Friday at noon… price is a steep $32 before service charges. Ow.

I don’t know who ever told John Travolta he could look scary, but they were wrong. So who keeps casting this guy as villains? The reach of L Ron Hubbard is long. And scaly. Thomas Jane fares a little better – but I’m still not sure if I can expect The Punisher to not suck.

Busted up the eardrums real good with the first full band rehearsal in some time. Between recording sessions and Clay conquering the UK with Beneath Augusta, there hadn’t been any opportunity to get everyone in a room and kick out the jams until last night – which is some good timing because we’re just hammering out the details for our first show of 2004 in a couple weeks. Thankfully, the patina of rust was pretty thin and we shook it off after a couple songs. We should be fine with a little fine tuning.

np – Neil Young / Decade

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  1. janelle says:

    i got my franz ferdinand today (would have had it saturday, but i wasn’t home when the postman rang)… so good!

    as for the 90s-as-80s, shit, the 80s are too fresh in my memory to be relived just yet.

    in fact, i wrote a franz-related post today about the potential return of dada from the teens/twenties/thirties… now that’d be a real revival.