Monday, February 2nd, 2004

The Sun Doesn't Want To Shine

Happy Groundhog Day. Both Punxsutawney Phil and Wiarton Willie let us down this morning, seeing their shadows and running away like cowards. Stupid rodents.

Support for The Decemberists show at the ‘Shoe March 7 will be Scotland’s Clearlake (also opening for Stereolab a month later) and Oregonian (is that a word?) Tom Heinl. The Decemberists will also be releasing a new EP, The Train, on February 24th.

Keeping with the numberic monikers, Twelve is a side project of Six By Seven guitarist Chris Olley and drummer Chris Davis and self-described as “a combination of bittersweet ballads, krautrock beats and pulsing electronica, a sombre and harmonius 45 minute journey that you keep on wanting to go back to the start of.” Their debut self-titled album is available for sale directly from the band. Six By Seven’s next album is still on target for a late March release… provided they have a label.

Just recently I was thinking, hmm – I wouldn’t mind having a Mazzy Star compilation. Well the telepathic parasite Capitol Records implanted in my brain last year seems to be doing its job, because they’re releasing Anthology on June 1. Thanks, guys – Now can we do something about that smell of burnt toast?

I saw Saturday Looks Good To Me at Rancho Relaxo last summer, but in a reversal of the norm, their live show doesn’t really measure up to the recordings. Their set as a three-piece was energetic and enjoyable enough, but having just gotten All Your Summer Songs yesterday, I am blown away by the sonics of this record. The production and instrumentation, the revolving cast of vocalists, the songs… it’s like the perfect mash-up of Motown, Phil Spector (without the gunplay) and indie pop. Highly recommended.

np – Saturday Looks Good To Me / All Your Summer Songs

By : Frank Yang at 10:03 am
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  1. Heminator says:

    Hey, I love your blog…

    Speaking as native son, Oregonian is the correct word. In fact "The Oregonian" is the name of the state’s major newspaper.

    Also, check out some other great bands from Portland, if you haven’t already–Dolorean, Menomena and The Standard.

    Thanks again.

  2. david says:

    The Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions stuff I’ve heard has been realy good. I wasn’t much of a Mazzy Star fan, but I’ve started rediscovering their back catalog.