Sunday, February 1st, 2004

Temporary Like Achilles

New Wilco record on June 8. You heard it here first… unless you heard it elsewhere first. In which case you heard it again here. First.

Audiojunkies has the whole of Franz Ferdinand’s debut eponymous album, available to download. Give a listen, see if you believe the hype. I, myself, am quite digging it. The album is out in physical form February 9th in the UK and March 9 on these shores. They play the Horseshoe February 23rd with Oshawa spaz-rockers Anagram open. Link from Burned By The Sun.

Exclaim! talks to The Mountain Goats about We Shall All Be Healed, out Tuesday.

And speaking of Exclaim, their 12th anniversary cross-Canada concert series takes place this Spring. The Toronto show is set for April 15 at the Phoenix and so far the bill includes Chicagoan post-rock legends Tortoise and electronic/IDM darlings Four Tet.

Sleater-Kinney have finally discovered the internet. From LHB.

Brett Anderson has begun working on a solo album in the wake of Suede’s dissolution. Not especially newsworthy, except that the NME reports that one of his collaborators on the project is… Bernard Butler. Well well well. Sounds good on paper, but will it butter the parsnips? We’ll see.

Took a quiet ‘me-time’ night last night to try and recover from all the commotion of the past week. Watched some hockey, read some books, listened to some music. I feel a little guilty for seeking distraction, but I figure I’m preoccupied enough with the shitstorm of reality that I’m justified in hiding under the covers once in a while.

np – Bob Dylan / Blonde On Blonde

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  1. Five Seventeen says:

    I picked up "We Shall All be Healed" yesterday. It is of course worthy to know which places just shelve things without regard to release dates.

    It’s quite different from "Tallahassee"; there’s drums all over the place, and a definite effort to not have all the songs sound the same, and the are well-played strings. I noticed a few weird sound effects (dropping glass, laughing, etc).

    Also, Tallahassee was a "concept album" involving his fictional Alpha Couple. WSABH is missing the allegorical structure (compare some of the imagry to any classical literature you’ve read and you’ll start seeing it) of Tallahasse, but that might be just because of minimal listenings.

  2. graig says:

    nitpick note: it should read "electronic/IDM darling" (not plural) as Four Tet is but one man and his laptop and a lava lamp… good music, boring-ass stage show.